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Jesus Christ Speaking to a Group of His Disciples

Hesychia is the inner quietness in which only I remain, I — coessential to the Father, I — One with the Father, I — Love, I — the Heart — as a Gateway into the Abode of the Father!

“Previously, you lived only to reach, to grow to the Abode of the Creator and to merge, to unite…

“Now, you are at the threshold of the next stage, which consists in giving Me to people. The only way to be One with the Father is to give Me to people, as much as each one can receive…

“I baptized the Apostles with the Holy Spirit giving them the Power to heal and walk the Earth preaching the Truth. What did this Baptizing mean? I gifted them the possibility to feel the Power of the Father. When there is the absolute faith in His omnipotence and complete Connectedness (I and the Father are One), the Power begins to flow…

“Experience My Hands, the Hands endowed with the Creator’s Power that allowed Me to make the blind sighted and to heal the paralyzed! Just experience My Hands, the Power of My Hands! And then: ‘I and the Father are One…’

“See how I touch your bodies, do it together with Me, and allow the Power to flow through the hands… Become used to unity of our hands in the Power of the Creator… And get into understanding the word faith — faith as knowledge plus absolute confidence in the Power with which you unite, the Faith in the Omnipotence of the Father!

“It is by His Will that everything on Earth and in Heaven happens!”


(Wrote down by Anna Zubkova

in May 2004)


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