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Good and Evil

“Cease to live in the state of defeat!… In the evolution of a soul each battle has to become an experience and a step for ascend! Repentance and getting rid of vices — yes, but do not immerse yourself in the hell of despair!

“This is your invaluable experience, accept it! Accept it with gratitude to Me for lessons, for trials!

“Then gradually you will gain the wisdom of the one who doesn’t repeat mistakes.”

Your God

(Written down by Anna Zubkova

in May 2002)

* * *

Human fantasy created a fairy-tale image of a devil: necessarily with horns, hoofs, tail, of male sex, and what is more… — sex maniac.

Yet, all this is a very harmful lie. Harmful — because the people who go the path of very real diabolization of themselves do not understand their desperate plight: why, I have neither tail, nor horns — it’s okay!

In the conditions of dominating religious ignorance, it is quite easy — for many people! — to become devils. I observed such persons among fascist leaders, among officials of religious organizations, among alcoholics.

They can be of any sex.

Who are they? How to recognize them?

Their distinctive feature is a constant stay in intensive coarse emotional states (anger, irritation, hatred). Falsity, meanness, aggressiveness are their characteristic features as well.

They will stay the same after disembodiment. Hell will be their abode, where they will live in the thick of beings like them torturing each other.

But some of them will be able to continue for some time to harm incarnate people — even as they did it during their embodied life.

Incarnate devils can make obvious physical harm — by killing, maiming, raping, damaging, robbing, blackmailing, setting up other devilish people against the victims…

But both incarnate and non-incarnate devils are capable of creating so powerful coarse energy fields and energetic influence that they drive their victims to psychotic states. Physicians diagnose the latter with schizophrenia with symptoms of delusion of influence. Yet, this is not delusion but reality. I knew personally two men who fell under such influence of devils and found the way out of this situation in suicide — they jumped out of the window to death…

Why do I write about all these nightmares? Not for the sake of frightening the readers! On the contrary, for the sake of helping people who will find themselves in such situations.

First of all, one has to remember — in such cases of calamities, disasters, and afflictions — that everything happens in God’s sight. And is permitted by Him.

Moreover, it is He Who creates these situations!

It is important also to understand: what for? What do You, Lord, want to say by this, what do You want to teach me, what to correct with me?

God does not live on some other planet! He is not flying invisible person who cannot keep an eye on every one of us! God is a Universal Ocean of Consciousness existing everywhere, in every point of space — but as if under a thinnest cover which separate the Creator from His Creation.

And nothing significant happens to any one of us without bringing some good to us.

Pain, for example, can be given to teach us to compassionate the pain of other beings and not to inflict pain on them anymore.

And various evil deeds of other people allow us to learn in practice the human psychology.

Or it may mean that it is time for us “to change the company”…

And so on. All is for our good!

In my autobiography*, I gave examples of how God used various human filth for changing radically my life situations — to my own good!

Once, deadly maimed, I cried to Him, asking for explanation of the incident. He started with words, “You will be grateful to Me for this!”…

Later, He turned to be right!

And more: in all difficult situations, one has to snuggle close to Him! Often He creates problems for us exactly with this purpose.

… As to those two who jumped out of the window… About one of them, who developed in himself vanity up to grotesque repugnance, I wrote in one of my books.* The second one suffered because he engaged into a quarrel with a diabolic person — his former companion in business who did not give him back his money…

Jesus Christ taught: “From him who took away your goods, do not ask them again!” (Luke 6:30). He forgot this Commandment though read it… Yet, one has to follow the Teachings of God, not just read them!

His second mistake — he switched his whole attention to a devil, instead of going to the embrace of God. And, indeed, he lost God in the very direct sense!…

In general, he did not stand the test on ethics…

I, too, got into such situations. But I used them for consolidating my Mergence with the Creator: I felt bad in the body, but in the Creator’s Abode — it was very good!

These devils helped me a lot.

… But the worst thing is not to undergo attacks of a devil but to become a devil oneself. This dooms one to a really awful fate.

* * *

Once God proclaimed through a prophet* the following principle: “Everything is a boon!” Let us try to remember it so good that do not forget it when the time comes for “passing the exam” on the subject of “practical ethics” with God as the examinator.

He also teaches us to regard the evil controlled by Him as a catalyst of the development of good. In this principle, too, there is something to ponder over and to remember.

* * *

Many times I heard the objection, “No! God, if He exists, is kind! He can’t cause to us so much suffering! All evil is from devil!”…

This statement is caused by typical for our social environment misunderstanding of the relationships between people and God. People thinking in this way have so “deep” egocentrism that consider God as their “omnipotent servant” who has to arrange life for ME according to MY desires! And if this is not the case, then I will not recognize You! Or there is no You at all!…

But there is God. And He is indeed omnipotent. Yet, the nature of relationships between Him and incarnate beings is quite different.

In fact, He and we are not fundamentally different beings. We are but His particles sent by Him to “earthly pastures” for maturing!

And the only our predestination is this maturing on the “earthly pastures” in a series of incarnations!

He — our Good Shepherd — “pastures” us with the only purpose: that we, having reached a certain stage of perfection, infuse as souls into Him, become Him, enrich Him with ourselves!

This constitutes His Life, His Evolution!

There is no other meaning of our earthly existence!

And those of us who, using the freedom of will, mature successfully — receive the most favorable conditions from Him. While evil people are culled out and find themselves on the “ cesspool of the Evolution”, in hell, in the outer darkness.

This is why the only correct principle of relationships with Him — from our side — is full OBEDIENCE to His Will and heeding to His directions and lessons!

Our egocentrism has to be substituted with Godcentrism!

“Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!” — this has to be not only read, said aloud, and even sung! This has to be really accepted — by everyone! — as a formula of my relationships with Him!*

Let Your Will be done, my Lord!

I recognize You as my Omnipotent and Infinitely Great Universal Father!

You are Everything!

And I — Your humble child — love You and learn from You! And want to cognize You completely and merge with You in love!

Pasture me on the pastures of Your Earth!

And lead me in Your House by the Straight Path!

* * *

So many times I was not paid back large amount of money! So much awful slander was spread about me! At that, slanderers attributed to me qualities directly opposite to those I possess! A murder leading to two clinical deaths, constant threats of slaying from fascists during last years… Also, I came to know that some author stole a chapter (Teachings of Juan Matus) from my book: he simply republished it under his name…

I considered all this as tests of my devotion to God. Do not become distracted! And I… simply continued to go further, hating no one, taking revenge on no one, asking no compensations “for caused physical and moral damage”…

It was enough for me to engage in one of these conflicts — and I would lose in the main work, for the sake of which we were sent to the Earth, and would not be able to help all those people who have received help from me and will receive it later — help in healing souls and in spiritual advancement!

Having violated the Commandments of Christ, I would be no more a Christian…

“Dogs bark, yet the elephant goes”, this is what Sathya Sai Baba said about such situations.

So, every one of us who is pure in soul in front of God and people and who goes the spiritual Path may also accept this slogan for oneself.

* * *

“I control everyone. Thus, get angry with no one!” taught me God.* These words of Him helped me a lot. Let them help you as well!

* * *

The only way for us to avoid earthly troubles — now and in future — is active spiritual self-perfection. In particular, it leads to correct growth of the consciousness in quantitative aspect ensuring thus so-called “crystallization” (by the analogy of growth of crystals in the conditions suitable for it). And this gives the power for opposing the evil more effectively.

And let us remember the following Commandment: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Rom 12:21).

* * *

“I present you not only with obstacles and difficulties, but also with ‘temptations’, to rid you of doubts and regrets.

“Only that Fire of Love is Divine which can be extinguished by nothing!

“If the Fire of Love becomes inextinguishable, then such Love is Me.

“Not trials but the power of your resistance grows the strength of your love.

“I am waiting from you not gusts of emotions, but strong, calm, and unlimited love, similar to a powerful oceanic current!

“… Is it enough for your happiness — only Me?”

Your God

(Written down by Anna Zubkova

in May 2002)


“Everything heard from Me has to be put into practice. It is not enough to know about your own vices, it is not enough to struggle with them — you have to overcome them, i.e. do not have them anymore!

“I need you to advance to a new level! This is why I drive you out of the old, making your life unbearable…

“What is the difference between the Divinity and the human state? The main feature of Divinity I would define as realized Godcentrism!”

Your God

(Written down by Anna Zubkova

in May 2002)


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