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Apostle Mark

“I, Mark, greet you! With all My heart — I am with you! And with My hands I help you to carry the load which you shouldered.”

“Mark, You have told us that You, like Mathew, after living on the Earth at the time of Jesus, was incarnated again — in England. Tell us, please, who were You when You came to that incarnation? And how did You cognize the Creator?”

“I had no memory about the past incarnation in the mind. Yet, there is also the memory of the soul, consciousness. Born in England at the time of domination of Catholicism, I felt Myself a caged bird. The soul, which has touched the Great One, cannot be accustomed to living in a cage, even in a very comfortable one!

“Imagine: the name of Jesus would cause rejoicing in My heart, while the church — repulsion in the soul! I had no possibility even to read the Gospel which I wrote in My past incarnation…”

“Who did teach You when You were incarnated in England?”


“All of Us, Who had come into contact with Jesus, next time were born with hearts in which Jesus lived. Wherever We were — Jesus was always with Us. He had ‘breathed’ into Us the True Life — and we ‘flew’ to other lands, to other lives* carrying the Light of Jesus in Ourselves. Like ringed birds, We all were betrothed to the Love of Jesus…

“Do you remember, I told you once that after resigning from the post of ambassador, I began receiving messages from God?… I began hearing and seeing Jesus then!”

“Tell about this in detail, please!”

“I was an ambassador. Once, before starting on a journey with a mission from the embassy, I came to a temple and prayed that God gave Me strength and ability to speak the words which are pleasing to My Lord… I thought that I was asking for the affairs of My embassy…

“But suddenly, bright Light flooded everything around… — and I saw Jesus…

“He said:

‘The work which you do is not the one you must do, My beloved Mark!… You should ask from Me words of other kind; you should concern yourself with other kind of affairs!…

‘I will fulfil your request, though in a way other than you expect: I will teach you — what to do and how to speak…

“Resign from your post and hand over your affairs. I will entrust you with a different post — to be My Messenger! From now on, you will do what your Lord wants!

“… When I had resigned from My post, they counted Me insane… and allowed Me to leave to a family castle to live there in seclusion…

“Since then, only Jesus remained in My life. It was enough to utter His Name and He immediately manifested Himself, filling with Golden Shining everything around Me and inside Me. He became more real than everything material that surrounded Me… And I talked to Him — Living! He showed Me My past life…, the episodes of His life… He called Me gently by My former name — Mark…

“Then He began to show Himself differently — as Universal, One with the Father! He taught Me meditations of Mergence with Him and submerged Me into the Father.

“I asked Him:

‘How can I help people?’

“He answered:

‘Look: I have touched many souls, and everyone who aspires to Me receives My help — as you do.

‘There is a transforming touch of God on a soul after which the former life in sins and vices becomes impossible, unthinkable for it. It is called the moment of truth.

‘Very few people are ready for such a touch. I will help you to find them. One has to learn to see them —and see the moment when one may touch the soul of man, giving him such a touch

‘You gave Me your heart forever — and I give you forever Mine, which is One with the Father. I will be always with you, in you. I will give you the words to tell about My Truths. I will give you the Strength of Spirit which cannot be shaken by trials. I will teach you to see the moment when with My Fire you may touch souls.

‘The Father can live in you as He lives in Me!’

“I fulfilled this commandment of Jesus.

“I found those few to whom I could give His Teaching in all its fullness.

“Jesus also dictated a book through Me, which became a textbook for Me and some of My disciples…

“But what I had done, unfortunately, did not remain among people for a long time…”