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Apostle Matthew

We are in the forest of remarkably tall and slender firs, birches, and aspens. Everywhere around hazel hens are singing joyfully. They want to talk to us, regarding us as their guests!

We are enjoying the forest sattva!

In summer here, in the contrast to the surrounding forest, one can gather many chanterelles. But now it is winter, December. Nevertheless, without much effort we gathered many mushrooms. At this time of year, it is not chanterelles but oyster mushrooms that grow here. Oyster mushrooms usually grow on the alder tree. But there are no alder trees here, so they have grown on birches…

… However, we have come not to the hazel hens and not for gathering mushrooms. Here the Divine Teachers — apostles John and Mark — are waiting for us. And for the first time, apostle Matthew is also present. We even did not know that He also lives in the Abode of the Father! All They, together with Divine Finn, Ushastick, and Dobrynia closely stay here around one of the favorite places of Jesus Christ — His place of Samadhi.

Jesus here, as well as on other His places of power known to us, is always present and available for conversation. The unique feature of this particular place of His is that here He helps one to activate not only the spiritual heart, but also the front meridian. This meridian plays a very important role in the functioning of the emotional sphere and allows one to experience fully the Divine Bliss.* Here Jesus also helps the worthy students to substitute all energies in their bodies with His Bliss…

Jesus speaks about the Bliss which one cognizes on this place thus:

“Such am I. Such is every One of Us — Those Who entered the Creator completely and became His Integral Parts.

“Bring here, to Me, everyone whom I entrust to you!”

… Then Jesus switched our attention to His Disciple — apostle Matthew.

“… How did You attain the Father, Matthew?”

“It happened not in the incarnation which is known to you.

“After it I was incarnated in England and sailed the seas. I loved the Ocean of the Creator, embraced It with Myself; as a consciousness I submerged into It together with the head — and became It.

“Jesus helped Me. He led Me into Himself. Since the time when He accepted Me as His student, He has always been with Me.”

“What do You do now?”

“I give silence, wipe tears of those who want to cognize Me, but are not capable of doing this yet… I submerge those who are mature into Myself, caress them in Myself… And I help to remember about Me those who are walking the Path to Me…

“… Formerly, for a long time I had been seeking promising souls on the seas around the British Isles, but everything was in vain. I carried the youth on My Hands, thought about them as of sea cadets of Jesus Christ. I called them so and gave to understand that this name is bestowed upon them. And some of them did understand this… But having grown up, they became completely absorbed in the material plane. And that — remained in their minds just as a childish game!…

“This is why now I am with you.”

“What would You advise us, Matthew?”

“The spiritual situation on the Earth is very lamentable! People do not know and do not want to know what God is and where to seek Him… This must be changed!…”

“Was Your Gospel distorted?”

“No, it was not. Only some words can be translated better.”

“Could You tell about Your incarnation at the time when Jesus Christ was on the Earth?”

“I prefer that you perceive Me as the One sailing the seas, loving the earthly oceans and the unearthly Ocean. I like this image more!”

“When were You incarnated in England?”

“In the twelfth and seventeenth centuries…”

“Were You incarnated two times?”

“No, only one.”


“This is a joke! I had a wife. As the captain of the ship, I could take her with Me on journeys.

“Later, she, too, attained Me in the Abode of the Creator!

“In the next incarnation in the seventeenth century, she was a hefty man. He also sailed. And He did everything as I told her: repeated Me, repeated My Path completely.

“When she was My wife, her name was Clara. And the next time…”

… He came to us to show that appearance of His: a broad-shouldered man with a beautiful muscular body, a face radiating joy, and very gentle charm…

“You were acquainted with Him, although did not converse at that time. It was to the northwest of this place several years ago…

“He began as a sea cadet. He was the only sea cadet of Jesus Christ who dedicated Himself to Me completely — and cognized Me!”