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Apostle Philip

“I am glad that you came here…

“Do you remember how on this place, when Vladimir brought you here, you for the first time could see Jesus with the eyes of the soul and received His blessing to continue your efforts… You were at the very beginning of the Path to the Father…”

“I do remember it… I remember it in all details!

“Philip, please tell about how You saw Jesus for the first time.”


“At that time, we had been waiting for the advent of the Messiah for a long time…

“… One day My sister ran into the house crying:

‘Philip, He has come!…’

“She could say nothing more…

“Many people went to the open space out of the village, where He wanted to speak.

“A lot of people had gathered, but there were no usual hubbub and bustle; everybody waited…

“Suddenly, amazing transparent silence fell.

“And Jesus began to speak.

“He spoke not loudly, but it seemed that His soft voice sounded not outside, but inside everyone who listened… And whatever far from Him people stood, they could hear each His word…

“… Later, many times I experienced that amazing state when Jesus submerged all the listeners into His Consciousness and spoke with each soul as if one-to-one, however many people were around… And everyone knew that Jesus spoke personally to him…

“… When the sermon was finished, people dispersed overfilled with what they heard. They walked in silence as if fearing to spill the invaluable truths with which Jesus filled their souls.

“And I… could not move: My legs as if stuck to the ground…

“I did not know how I would live further without Him… Everything I had been doing before, had lost its meaning…

“But only He could teach to do the things about which He told…

“Jesus came to Me Himself and called Me by My name as if He knew Me… He asked, do I want to follow Him?…

“I answered:

‘I do, Lord! Wherever You go — take me with You!…’

“Jesus touched My shoulder and said:

‘Come, you may follow Me…’”

“… Philip, tell us please about how Jesus taught…”

“It is difficult to convey it with words… He taught by all His life; He taught by each His deed and word!…

“He exposed in us that which was imperfect. He taught to root out vices in oneself, because one cannot approach the Father having not become the Pure Light!

“He taught meditation: taught by submerging us into His states, by explaining how to enter them, how to retain them in whatever hard conditions our bodies are.

“Commissioned He one of us to do something, worked He Divine miracles in our presence… — every His word and deed changed something in those who listened and followed Him.

“Since the time we met Jesus, we had no life other than the life with Him. Everyone renounced everything they had in the earthly world — in order to follow the Lord!

“But this was not enough to become One with the Father, as Jesus taught. One has to renounce also the ‘self’

“He did not have much time…

“… We had to complete the transfiguration of Ourselves and to cognize the fullness of being in Mergence with the Heavenly Father — when We were walking to different countries carrying His Teaching to people. And Jesus was always with every One of Us…”

“Do You want to say something more, Philip?”

“I would like to, but there are no words in the world to express this… I would like to tell about the Love for Jesus… I will tell about this without words to anyone who addresses to Me… I am ready to help all who seek Jesus, who seek the Father!

“Jesus and many other Sons and Daughters of the One Father breathed life into those your undertakings which will create a new spiritual spring on the planet Earth! We All are glad to give Our help to you!”

Meditation Cross*

(Unrhymed literal translation
from Russian)

The Cross of Jesus is the entrance

To the Abode of the Father!

Beyond the Cross, beyond your back —

There is the Gate to Heaven!


There, behind the Wings of the Cross —

There is the Heart of Jesus!

The Heart of Jesus opened

The Embrace of the Father!


Whatever happens here —

There is always behind your back

The veil which was torn then;

It is the Gate to Home!


In the Bridal Chamber

There is the Shining of the Creator’s Light!

Here the Sons and Daughters

Cognize the Father!


There — All Who cognized Him

And became One.

There — the Perfect Light, the Creator —

The foundation of Everything!


Jesus opened wide by Himself

This Shining Path!

By the Living Vine He manifested to the world

The Essence of Universal God!