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A part of pine forest with plenty of mushrooms is located in the midst of dense damp fir-greens. We find ourselves inside a giant Divine Spiritual Heart towered by the top of the hemisphere above the forest. But if to look deeper, It comes from the Infinity of the Abode of the Primordial!

One more Divine Teacher — a Representative of the Creator! We put off backpacks, sit on old fallen trunks of trees and take a rest a bit. We ask Him to recount about Himself.

“My last name on the Earth was Bartholomew. I was a Greek philosopher and cognized God-the-Father. I lived in Greece in 11-12 centuries A.D. Although I lived in Greece, I was a Catholic. I went through the entire work of the Catholic Church, but I cognized God because I came directly to Jesus. And Jesus directly began helping Me and got to Himself.

“Jesus shows the way to God-the-Father. Although hope for Jesus is as adequate as hope for Love of any Other Divine Teachers known to you.

“I know everything about each of you: in former years I watched your activities.”

“Tell about Yourself, Bartholomew, if possible.”

“Well… Let people know how through love to Jesus it is possible to cognize the Father.

“… I was born in a family of sincere and deeply pious people. I was named in honor of Saint Bartholomew, and the great significance was attached to this, which was connected in My childish perception with the destinies of Apostles, direct disciples of Jesus.

“I grew in a small Christian community. People of this community considered themselves as keepers of the traditions of the first Christians to whom the Gospel, the Teaching of Jesus, was preached by Philip and Bartholomew during Their apostolic service in Greece.

“In Greece, Egypt, and Syria during centuries there were schools and communities which tried to save the true Christianity.

“Realize that when the Teaching of Jesus got to the field of those who read and studied Plato and Aristotle or to savage customs and doctrines then the results were different. In some cases love, veneration for the Highest Truths, and hesychia were developed; in the opposite cases — crusades and the Inquisition…

“The latter, unfortunately, is more known to people…

“But those who studied philosophy before, i.e. people inherited the culture of ancient Greece, could not become crusaders or support the Inquisition.

“On the ruins of the antique spirituality the Teaching of Jesus gave those sprouts about which not many people know.

“Those traditions of Hesychasm which were developed in Christianity in small communities and monasteries remained after separation of two branches: eastern and western: Orthodoxy and Catholicism. But the memory about this in the history of the Catholic Church was almost obliterated. These are white sheets but not because nothing was written on them, but because it was washed, forgotten…

“I will try to narrate about this a bit…”

“Were You a monk?”

“No, a philosopher… I sought the Truth, I sought God. I studied both: the ancient philosophy and Christianity; I sought God by a mind first.

“When I realized that the Truth is not hostility and disagreements of movements but love, then Jesus began opening Me Himself. On this stage My “external” life was finished and the inner life began. The life of consciousness, striving by love for Jesus, began. The life of an “opened heart”, which converses with God directly, came…

“I did not know meditative techniques and methods except the cordial prayer the traditions of which are left alive in the community. Just unspeakable love overfilled the heart when Jesus came into it! This Revelation of the True Love at the silence of mind is great, splendid, and tremendous! A human heart extends to such a degree that it takes in the Lord!... To live like this is a great bliss!

“In that way I cognized Him. The Heart which became such that Jesus lives in It all the time approaches God directly. It was My life with Him. He came, and this became the most important; this became the only thing that was significant in My life! The questions which tormented Me before were no longer relevant; only the Heart of Jesus, which extended more and more in My heart, remained.

“My life became simple; only Jesus remained in it…, and then He took Me to Himself, to the Father…

“Lead people into Me! I will give them Myself, I will give them the opportunity to turn into great, flooded in Calm spiritual hearts! This is — the main thing! This is the base of true spiritual work.

“As a sky-scraper which has solid foundation reaches the clouds, in the same way a soul can reach unimaginable summits if in its base it has unshakable Love and Calm.

“Your task is to inflame hearts of people!

“It will be possible to say that you win a victory when your books at the international level are considered as classics of philosophical and religious thoughts and extracts be included in educational programs.

“The main thing is to teach people to love. In order to develop a spiritual heart it is necessary to fill it with love to everything living. Only in that way it is possible to transform the world on the Earth.

“And you can manage it! We all are ‘at your service’ in this business.

“… I repeat the eternal truths just in different variations. But using which words is it possible to tell what the Eternity and Infinity is? One can only cognize this by himself. This is My Existence, and it will never end! I am Love!

“And one more: always remember that in this world nothing but your love to Me belongs to you! This is your treasure, and it is yours by right! All your riches are — your love! Nobody ever will be able to take it away from you! It is impossible to steal, to take love by force; it can not be sold and inherited. One only can give love — sincerely and gratis!

“Love has an amazing characteristic: the more you give it, give to others, the more of it you have.

“But love is a ‘free bird’: it lives and grows on freedom. Such human notions as ‘I want’ and ‘my’ are opposite to love, because they constrain its freedom. All attempts to appropriate love are doomed to be failed. One can only accept it with gratitude, carefully and gently, as a great gift of the one who gives it.

“Love enters only one gates — the spiritual heart opened towards! And then the reciprocal wave of love arises in it, streaming outside. In that way love lives and grows.”