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Once, walking through the forest and gathering mushrooms, we came upon a high hill with a very steep slope. Despite being tired and carrying heavy rucksacks with mushrooms, we felt an unaccountable urge to climb on it.

We climbed and found on the top of the hill, above and beneath it, purest Divine Light, which streamed up like a fountain.

We entered inside the “fountain” and studied it. This place turned out to be remarkable for work, for example, for cleansing the chakras.

We understood that this is a working site of One of the Divine Teachers.

And we saw Him.

Answering to our question about His name, He said that He was called Borovik.

We asked Him to relate about Himself. He replied:

“I was a young son of a local landowner. In that life I studied the Divine wisdom. At that time, these lands were Finnish, but we were a Russian family.”

“When it was?”

“1905 — 1945. I was a member of a Lutheran community.”

“Who was Your tutor?”

“The Pastor Whom you know.

“I grew on this hill. There is a remarkable place of power here, which can help your students as well. Here, there is a ‘fountain’ of the Divine Energy streaming from the Abode of the Creator. With its help, one can ‘inflate’ oneself as a consciousness, like a balloon. In this way — by doing it again and again — one can grow the consciousness quickly, grow it — of the Creator’s Energies.

“I found this place Myself and brought here others. Everyone would take here as much as they could.”

… A Divine Woman — His Mother — came to us.

“I took Her, too, into Me.”

Nearby, a group of other Divine Souls was also present.

“Are They Your Students?”

“Not exactly. There was a community where no one considered oneself ‘higher’ or ‘superior’ to others. All we were companions on the Path to the Creator. I walked first.

“You know My Mother very well. Many years ago She helped you to gather mushrooms in this forest.

“Pay attention to the possibility of connecting quite easily, on this place, one’s heart with the Heart of the Absolute and attuning it to the subtlety of the Creator.

“The same can be done on the place of Bartholomew, though slightly differently.

“In this way, one can easily achieve Mergence with the Creator on this place. This is the minimal program that I had mastered.

“Bartholomew told you that Jesus took Him into His Anahata. And I was taken by the One Universal Creator into Him. I did not have apprenticeship with Jesus personally, but I followed His precepts concerning seeking the One Universal Creator — it is this that constitutes the essence of Christ’s Teaching!

“I will be with you always. Remember how I cognized God-the-Father here! And bring to this place your students!”