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Divine Lutherans

We are again on the former Finnish lands occupied by Russians during World War II. The Soviet troops — at the price of heavy casualties — manage to force out from here all incarnate Finish people. But Finish Divine Teachers, who worked here, remained and continue Their Work among people.

No, They do not revenge on Russians. The Perfect do not have such a quality as revengefulness. And moreover, God does not divide people by national characteristic. He is “international” and “interconfessional” in contrast to undeveloped people… But He forms destinies depending on the deeds performed by incarnate people… Those who committed serious crimes here and everywhere cannot reckon on favorable destiny unless they repent sincerely…

… Here there is firry-piny-birch forest with hills, gullies, and brooks… Two Divine Teachers are with us. Both — in Their past — are Scandinavian Lutheran pastors. We have known Them for years…

How did Their earthly names sound? One of Them is Pastor Larry in His last Swedish incarnation. Another One did not tell us His name; He only said that His Finish name is too difficult for us to perceive. Therefore, He suggested that we call Him Freddy as His American friends called Him in His earthly life.

They want to speak with us at first not separately but together, because Their destinies are very similar.

We ask:

“Tell us, please, how were You able to cognize the Creator and obtain the completeness of the Perfection?”

“We All were incarnated in this region not only once. Here was the exceptionally favorable environment for the attainment of the Perfection and not only from the standpoint of natural energy and landscapes…

“It was very important that a Lutheran priest-pastor was not separated from people. A pastor and his flock lived like one family. The community solved the common everyday economic affairs by united efforts. And always a pastor was the main figure in these affairs. This ennobled people, and a pastor by himself got priceless everyday experience of studying psychology of people who move to the common spiritual Goal. It was indeed his personal experience of cognition of human souls: to whom give spiritual knowledge, what everyone could or could not understand.

“Besides, Scandinavia is the land of lakes! One shore, another shore, water, boats… Life was such there! Moss-grown forests with berries and mushrooms, hares and squirrels… Measured life and natural economy. I wish this for you!

“What was the advantage of our pastors over Russian Orthodox ones? Including, it consisted in complete absence of drunkenness and in the natural communal life among forests and lakes…

“Here are, for example, boatmen at work. Without troubles and worries, without drunkenness and profanity, on the background of positive emotions all the life went on in nature. And this is very important! And a sermon pervaded all the life! We repeat: pastors were not separated from people, but they were all time in the common companionship. What was the difference of a pastor comparing with others? Why did this particular man become a pastor? Because he was chosen and sent to learn by the community. It was the man deliberately recognized by the community, who had been hold in respect even before he got the rank of a pastor.

“At the same time, there was minimum of rites. However, for meditative attunement to the Father and His Son Jesus Christ — indeed for this — a grand divine service took place. And each divine service was a celebration!”

“But what did you eat? Lakes, boats which you built… Does it mean that You were fishermen? And it is not known to us that present Lutheranism preaches the refusal of eating fish and meat…”

“Of course, none of Us did eat ‘slaughtered’ food.

“The concepts of ethically right nutrition, which were called usually Puritanism, originated not now. They existed long before the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

“But at the same time, none of Us ever forced anybody to this: every member of the community chose by himself what to eat. And We never regarded the fish based nutrition as a sin for people.

“We explained to others that a pastor should eat pure food, otherwise he would not be able to hear the voice of God. Some understood that this should be applied only to us, pastors, and respected. Others followed the example.”

“What kind of spiritual trainings did You use? Because without special multi-stage meditative practices it is impossible to cognize the Creator and become Him. Did You have incarnate Divine Teachers? Or did each of You rely personally only on help and spiritual guidance of God?”

“You do know this: We all were guided by Odin, like you are now.”*

“But nevertheless, was there a succession through incarnate Divine Teachers?”

“Not everyone had it. But Odin helped all exhaustively.

“And concerning the techniques of meditation: it is possible to master very easily the whole highest buddhi yoga here, on this Holy Hill where you are now...”

“How do You evaluate the Lutheran Church which is in Finland now?”

“The conceptions of Christianity underlay exotericism of the Lutheran Church. And in the past it blended perfectly with that esotericism which was on the Finish land long before the coming of Christianity.

“‘Crusades’ were, of course, destructive. But in contrast to Russia, where all the good which existed before was destroyed completely by the Inquisition, in Finland some things remained.

“Lutheranism is one of healthiest, ‘democratic’ movements in Christianity. It does not consider the priesthood as the highest ruling caste. The thesis about ‘excuse solely by faith’ was proposed by Luther, i.e. the idea that a church is indispensable mediator between God and man was refused.

“And such sound Christianity combined very harmonically with those esoteric knowledge which was on the Finish land from the earliest times.”

“But is there in present Finland memory about this knowledge?”

“That church is full value which has not only exoteric external forms, but also true esoteric knowledge.

“However, you know how it is difficult to find man who is able to encompass both… Of course, the chain of the transmission of knowledge breaks sometimes…

“We were Those Who had esoteric knowledge.

“Official Lutheranism which exists now in Scandinavia is in general good, but the esoteric knowledge almost disappeared in it…”

… Then the conversation was continued by Freddy.

Pastor Freddy:

“Scandinavia! Lakes, rocks, fjords, giant firs… — subtle beauty of nature of the North! Here silent, strong, sturdy people lived.

“Here it is not possible to live a careless, lazy, and idle life. Such a life was considered as shameful, and it was difficult to find man who tried to live like this. And moreover, he usually became better quickly feeling the isolation from all others.”

“How did You cognize the mergence with the Father being a Lutheran pastor?”

“Through service to God I achieved the Divinity.

“And I had a wise tutor.”

“Did he teach You meditations?”

“No, he taught Me the most important — to live according to the laws of God.

“A true pastor lives taking care of his flock. And he not only explains the laws of God, but he lives according to them — according to the laws of love and kindness — teaching people by his own example.

“He helps souls unite with God and never stands between God and man.

“… And I also want to recount you about such everyday life with God which does not become ordinariness, which does not turn into the routine of ‘rules’ and rites.

“Yes, the strength of emotional contact with the Divine Consciousness is great! But I want to speak not about these moments of spiritual ecstasies, but about that life of people in which it is necessary to repair a damaged roof and boats, grow and reap a harvest, during our short northern summers, store up firewood for winter…

“It was a pastor who assumed care that people — at everyday labor — saved and cultivated love to God! And He helped to maintain the fire of that love, which burned as a candle burns, in every heart. The pastor kindled such candles in souls and watched that they did not become dim.

“His sermon was concrete. He chose for conversations those themes which were important just now.

“The lives of all, their hopes and thoughts, were plainly visible to him. And the pastor endeavored to do such that everyone with his, pastor’s, help learned to perceive oneself always on the palm of God, that all people knew that God knows all their thoughts, hopes, and acts.

“The pastor taught to live in openness, nakedness of the soul in front of God, Who is not a severe judge who will punish for sure after death, but Who is the kind Great Father Who is always near, always ready to help in life, and will not leave at death.

“It is Lutheran Church that through removing a priest as a ‘mediator’ between man and God, made God real and close for every man! A pastor was just an assistant and spiritual adviser, but not a mediator.

“A pastor also united separated families into one whole family of people living with God.

“… Divine services in the communities were always celebrations which gathered all and allowed people to feel commonness, oneness of all in front of the Heavenly Father.

“And a pastor every time during divine services tried to fill oneself with the Holy Spirit in order to be as full-fledged conductor of the Truth of God as possible. In that way, gradually the Mergence became stronger…

“… The natural life in work and in unity with nature helped Me greatly in cognition of the Father.

“It is known to you how beautiful and tender the northern nature is! It does not have splendor and bright colors of south, but instead it allows one to feel the subtlety and purity, to fill oneself with silence and transparency!

“In My opinion, it is the best of all to experience and cognize God in such transparent silence!

“I grew up among firs, pines, and birches in the same way as you did. And I loved nature very much in that region where I was incarnated.

“But I also sought the highest predestination, the highest meaning of existence of everything. The luck of complete knowledge about the Highest burdened Me…

“And although the New Testament revealed Me a lot, it did not give Me complete satisfaction, because it did not give the exhaustive information about the most important: about the meaning of our earthly lives and about where and how to find the Creator.

“In that time I accepted the title of pastor mostly because of desire to help others, to support them in life, inspiring them with self-belief, with belief in their strength, advising to be strong, not step back in front of difficulties.

“ … I grew up rooting gradually in the purity and calm, flooding by the consciousness and attuning to the purity and calm of forests and lakes… And after some time, this lucid, wide state became usual, natural for Me.

“The aspiration to God helped Me advance further. I aspired to Him and often felt the touch of something that brought amazing tenderness… In that way the conscious contact of the soul with Him became possible for Me…

“Before this I believed in His Existence sincerely. But now I understood that I could really experience His presence in My life. This gave Me enormous joy, new strength to advance further!

“I began aspiring to be in constant contact with Him in the depth of My spiritual heart which ‘flooded’ at landscapes.

“After years of such trainings, I leaned to live in the constant Mergence with Him.

“Afterward, from the state of Unity with Him I began looking by His eyes at people, at life situations in which I was engaged.

“During many years of the Mergence with Him, I got accustomed to this to such a degree that could not think about Myself as about a separated from Him being.

“And when the life of My physical body came to the end, I just flowed into Him completely and forever.”

“What do You consider the most important for those going to You?”

“Individual ‘I’ cannot become Me! It has to dissolve, disappear!

“One has to dissolve the boundary between oneself — as a separate ‘I’ — and Me.”

Pastor Larry

“I incarnated in Scandinavia for several times. I love northern lands! Transparency, purity, and strictness of northern nature create particular unique harmony of beauty!

“I went to God gradually: step by step, incarnation by incarnation, developing Myself as a consciousness, transforming Myself into Love. The conditions of the north teach people to be strong, firm, and courageous, to help each other.

“In the last incarnation I was a Lutheran pastor in a small village in the north-eastern part of Sweden. It consisted of several houses located in a valley of a river. And around there was a forest consisted manly of high firs with garlands of cones. Squirrels, hares, bears, foxes inhabited it in numbers.

“Measured life with nature helped perceive calm, accustomed to the silence of mind, to the submersion into the inner quietness.

“In this small village I was not only a sole spiritual teacher, but also a sole well-educated person. I loved very much these frank, honest people and assumed all the care about them. I was a teacher and doctor. I taught children to read and write, healed diseases knowing many medicinal herbs, and handled the delivery. People asked Me for advice and support; they trusted Me…

“It was the state of a soul giving itself to others and wishing nothing for itself. I gave Myself, My love to these people and taught them to appeal to God in every moment of day-to-day life.

“At the same time, I stayed one by one with God, because I could not rely on somebody else except Him.”

“Tell us, please, about Your meditative experience…”

“Odin taught Me to meditate through mergence of the consciousness with surrounding nature and dissolving in it. And through this, I gradually submerged Myself into the depths of the multidimensional universe. There, in the Primordial Depth, I cognized the Father: the Purest and most Tender Living Endless Light of the Primordial Consciousness.

“And afterward, as soon as I became mature in His Abode, I learned to be this Light and come, being It, to people.

“In that way, mergence with the Father rose up to the moment when I stopped to exist as a separate being.”