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Elisabeth Haich

We are visiting Elisabeth Haich on Her favorite place in the forest situated near a Mahadouble of Her Teacher Ptahotep.

“Elisabeth, we are very glad to see You once again! What would You like to tell us today?”

“I am going to tell you about Us, about the work of the Divine Teachers on the Earth.

“We are trying to bring to incarnate people the truth about life in God-the-Father. We serve the Evolution of One Universal God and this constitutes Our Life.

“We realize His Intent on the Earth.

“We are One with Him and full of His Love for all of the living.”

“Tell us please: do Souls, Who have merged with the Creator, develop further?”

“We do develop through cognition. We cognize new and develop Ourselves by acting in the world of the Creation from the Divine level.”

“But aren’t You omniscient? You know everything already, don’t You?”

“Cognition through action in the world of the Creation is a part of the process of the Evolution of God. Knowing the future entirely in advance, knowing for sure everything what is going to happen, what will happen — this would nullify the very essence of the process of creation!”

“Why the Divine Teachers do not manifest Themselves on the Earth more apparently — so that no one of incarnate people can doubt Their existence?”

“What for?… We do not need this… This would prevent people from developing through their freedom of choice, freedom of will!…”

“What are the nearest goals of the Divine Teachers on the Earth?”

“To make geopolitical situation more stable; in particular, by supporting all good undertakings of people in this direction and also by suggesting to them ideas about new goals and possible ways of acting.”

“Is there a limit of Divine Teacher’s capabilities for action?”

“There is such a limit. Divine Teacher’s capabilities are limited to that area and scale of action which He or She has chosen for Himself or Herself.”

“What do Divine Teachers feel when They interact with the world of people? Do They feel joy, disappointment, etc?”

“You know the answer to this question. You can see, feel in contacts with Us — Our joy, Our love! Yes, We do feel all this! To live in such emotions is a part of that which means to be fully free! And We are truly free!

 “As for the fear, hatred, pain — no.

“Fear results from lack of trust in God. But We are merged with Him completely. Therefore, fear exists on the other side from Our world.

“The emotions of hatred are peculiar only to those people who consider themselves separate from the rest of the world and fight against others. We, on the contrary, help others; We help them to become Us.

“As for the pain, it can be different.

“The physical pain originates from attachment of the consciousness to the material body. We are not attached to anything material; this would contradict the very essence of being God.

“Heartache… Yes, sometimes We feel sad if some incarnate students do not ascend to the next step, thus miss the chance provided to them and remain on the same level looking only ‘under the feet’…

“Every possibility to ascend to a new step by knowing something principally new about oneself or about the world is an invaluable, unique chance provided to man by God, and it is in this way that one should view such a possibility. It is more valuable than any material objects that one can possess, because it is such steps of cognition that form the ‘stairway’ leading the soul to God! While material objects and conditions have only a transient value.”

“Can we hope to receive financial aid from someone in the nearest future?”

“God takes care of you, so do not worry about such things.

“… Let me say also a few words about the importance of positive emotions.

“Positive emotions open for man the ‘sluices’ into the world of Light and allow the Holy Spirit to infuse freely into man’s body, to harmonize it, to fill with the healing Power and Love.

“A human soul can be likened to a mobile closed vessel inside a multidimensional ocean. Any human being has a possibility to ‘open doors’ and to enter any spatial dimensions. The ‘keys’ to these doors are emotions, emotional movements of consciousness. The dimension, to which ‘the door opens’, corresponds to the quality of the emotion: on what depths you ‘open the hatch’ defines what waters you let in yourself. The more subtle and light the emotion is — into more deep and light worlds the passage is opened; and having opened it, the soul naturally gets filled with the quality peculiar to that stratum.

“Now it is easy to see into what energy stratum leads the passage opened by the emotions of sorrow, fear, irritation, hatred… Every time feeling negative emotions, the soul more and more firmly establishes itself in the coarse states — the states of hell…

“Even as in the material world there are physical laws, so in the spiritual world there are certain laws as well.

“The destinies of people are but a result of using by them the freedom of will.”

“Elisabeth, we see You often together with Your Teacher Ptahotep. You carry out some common work?”

“Yes, I help Ptahotep: I infuse female colors in His Universal Greatness!” jokes Elisabeth.