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Huang Di

“Now I like chess very much…

“Nowadays, when on the Earth there are no Divine Rulers*, I like the wise calm and foresight of a chess player who knows the future for many moves in advance.

“My Son grows now in China. He will teach people of the Earth the Wisdom of God — on the basis of deepest Calm and Divine Strategy of life…

“Now I want to tell a little about that which is eternal — as eternal as the shining of stars in the universal space…

“The eternal is Love! Civilizations come, flourish, and disappear, new life arises and vanishes in various corners of the universe — but Love remains everywhere the unchanging Basis of Everything.

“Love is the language of life that God speaks in the universe! Love is the language that helps people to understand each other! Love is the language that helps man to understand God! After all, God is Love!’

“Huang Di, how did You cognize the Creator?”

“It was so long ago that I cannot recall it!” jokes Huang Di. “I became One with the Primordial Consciousness so long ago that it hardly makes sense to tell now My story.

“I was always! I was at the origin of the Earth, and all its development from the beginning up to the present days happened with My help.

“My Mission is universal. Stars, galaxies, the entire manifest universe is contained in Me.

“And for the seekers of Me, I reveal with Myself the unmanifest to them. I also give them the possibility to cognize ‘the building material’ of the universe.*

“I do not construct Brahmanic Mahadoubles, and almost always remain on the other side of the Mirror*. I come to the Creation from My Abode through the worlds on the other side of the Mirror.

“… Being a Universal Divine Soul, I joined the stream of life on the Earth. As many Others, I attained the Divinity not on this planet. But however various may be the Path of ascent of souls, the law of development is one for all.

“There exist Great Boundless Tao*, and there are individual souls, created by Tao, that have to learn to use correctly the freedom of will granted to them by Tao.

“That freedom of will is a quite interesting thing. It can bring the soul to falling into abyss, or it can bring it to unbelievable heights… Everything depends on how one uses it.

“The correct use of the freedom of will brings one to impeccable life.

“There are three stages of mastering impeccability:

“The first stage that the soul has to master implies living in the world without disturbing its beauty, harmony, and balance. This is the ethics of relationships with incarnate beings and all other elements of the Creation.

“I, as any other Avatar, told people about the laws that they have to follow in interactions with the environment. I taught people ethics, first of all. It is people that need to be taught ethics: lower forms of life almost never disturb the harmony of the world. But people are inclined to violate the laws of Tao…

“A soul which is capable to comprehend intellectually these laws, to embrace them, and to build its life in accordance with them — masters thus the first stage of impeccability. And Tao allows such souls, impeccable in the earthly, to advance further.

“On the second stage, people who observe the laws of beauty have to transform themselves into the beauty. They have to merge with the beauty into one, to become it. Of course, it does not mean adorning the body; it implies transformation of oneself as a soul into the beauty. This stage is mastered through the methods of cleansing the chakras and other structures of the organism, and then — through development of oneself as a spiritual heart.

“There may be many methodological variations here, but their essence is one: there is the ‘Heaven’ — Tao, and there is the ‘earth’ — the material world; also there are souls that have to go the Path leading from the ‘earth’ to the ‘Heaven’, from yin to Yang. At the end of this Path, the soul merges with the Beauty of Tao and becomes It.

“The third stage of mastering impeccability implies that the soul merged with Tao learns to create actively the Higher Beauty on the Earth with each its word, thought, or deed, emitting thus to the world the Sparks of Beauty from the Boundless Ocean of Tao…

“… I began My Service as an Avatar at the dawn of life of this planet. For millennia China was the main area of My service. I brought to people the laws of morality and the laws of cognition of the Highest. I manifested the Love of God in this world — so that people desired to become similar to Me.

“There is the law of similarity: ‘Similar things are attracted to each other’. I sowed in souls the seeds of Love — and then for many centuries I could attract them into Myself with the Universal Magnet — with the Great Love!

“Many times I came to the Earth. People remembered Me in legends as the first Divine Emperor of China.”

“Did You have many successful students — those who cognized the Creator?”

“Yes, I did. I opened for them the Highest as I did for you.

“There are two fundamental things that My students cognized and that allowed them to master successfully the rest. They are calm and the arms of the spiritual heart.

Calm is the basis of the ability to dissolve oneself. Calm is the basis of the ability of the consciousness to remain unstained, to remain transparent… He, who is capable to become calm, is capable to cognize.

“There is the phenomenon of transparency. There is the transparency of water, the transparency of air. And Tao is the Subtlest Transparency!

“In order to learn cognition of oneself*, one has to feel — in calm!the arms of consciousness: the arms of the spiritual heart. One has to learn to touch with the hands of the spiritual heart the objects on the non-material plane as with the hands of the body we touch material objects. One has to learn to feel the multidimensional space as water — and to move in it with strokes of the arms as in the water… if one masters this — then the worlds on the other side of the Mirror is easy to cognize. And There one finds the Great Calm…”

“Huang Di, how can one gain strength that makes one absolutely invulnerable to negative energetical influences?”

“Understand that a separate ‘I’ cannot possess the absolute power. In the universe, there is only one such power — the Power of the Creator!

“In order to unite oneself with this Power, one needs, in particular, to learn accepting the course of events as manifestation of the Creator’s Will. One also needs to understand and accept the fact that the Creator controls everything happening in the universe.

“Mergence with the Power is possible only providing complete absence of manifestations of the individual ‘I’, that is when you accept the events without desiring some particular outcome for yourself. Only then you are invincible.

“… My Life is unceasing development, unceasing advancement to the new. I never remain the same; I am always changing.

“Everything existing, anything that happens is directly related to Me.

“In the Depths of Me is the origin, the beginning of everything.

“From there — from My Depths — comes the Power that gives beingness to everything. Every thing exists only because I gave it the possibility to be!

“Now you can understand that behind every thing, behind every event I am.

“All manifestations — even those appearing most despising to you — take place because I granted them such a possibility.

“Therefore, condemned nothing and no one!

“… The great, boundless Ocean of Tao is the Basis of the manifest world. Nothing exists on itself independent of Tao. Everything in the world of the Creation becomes manifested and disappears with time. But Tao remains — Living, Ever Existing!

“Let everyone try to feel this, confronting everything transitional, limited in the manifest world — with the eternal, infinite Life of the Ocean of Tao.

“For those who realized, felt this relation it becomes clear to what goal one has to aspire in life. This helps them to make the right choice and not to become deluded by considering something in the material world as the essence of life…”

“Huang Di, tell us please something of Your biography.”

“Of which one?”

“Tell something that can be useful to us or something that is pleasant for You to recall.”


“… One of My incarnations was quite different from the others. That time I had seven strong students, whom I initiated into the last stages of buddhi yoga. All they were to Me like children; all they were to Me like brothers! Every one of them could jump after Me into the abyss or enter into fire without hesitation… All they heeded to Me with their minds, hearts and consciousnesses.

“It was rare luck! It was like shining of seven Suns that later merged simultaneously into the Father. Such things really happen in the history of the universe… You know what a group meditation is… The power of merged, synchronously acting consciousnesses increases by many times…

“It was remarkable. They aspired to Me, and I guided them. In the universal Depths, I accepted them and dissolved in the Infinity of the Creator…

“… When later They came to the Earth, They took sometimes the name Huang Di… This name was Their by the right of inheritance, and to Me it seemed sometimes that it was Me incarnated again on the Earth…

“… A remarkable future awaits you! The light of knowledge will shine through you to the Earth! But We understand that this process is very gradual.

“We all support you! We all work with you for the sake of the evolution of people and the Evolution of the universe!”



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