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Igor Vysotin

We were coming back by a forest road to a railway station after working on places of power. Suddenly we found ourselves in an area permeated with non-material Light. We stopped and looked around. The intensity of the Light was the highest on a place 100 meters to the left of the road. We walked there and found a Divine Mahadouble standing over a glade.

“I am very glad to see you! I have been watching you for a long time.

“I represent God for people on many parts of the Karelian Isthmus. My duty is to help people on lakes and rivers. I especially like those who in a boat in the reeds watch sunrises and admire the beauty of the Earth!”

“But who are they: fishermen and hunters?…”

“Do not disregard them! You were one of them formerly — and grew through this!

“Everyone has to be introduced to the next stages of the development according to their understanding: according to their outlook. You should not disregard those who have not accepted vegetarianism yet, but admire the beauty! This gives a chance to such people!

“My name is Igor Vasilievich Vysotin. I lived here before 1949. (He shows Sukhodolskoe lake and its surroundings).

“At present, I lead to God many people — those who, like you, can admire rising of the sun!”

“Could You advise us something?”

“I advise others — those who watch sunrises in boats.”

“And what about You — You also ate killed food?”

“Up to some point — yes, then — no: I spent many incarnations among people, as you may understand! And I attained cognition of the Creator not in the last one of them.”

“Where did You live last time?”

“In Finland.”

“Who were You?”

“I lived as a peasant on a lake. I worked the land, helped others. There was a Russian community of Lutherans here.

“Every time you visit these lakes — I will be among you!”

* * *

We are again on the places of power filled with the Divine Consciousness of Igor Vysotin.

It is amazingly beautiful here!

Soft mist permeated with sunlight fills the forest.

The mist dances over the lakes under the rays of the sun…

Smallest drops of water move gently and shine under the light…

Like gently hands, the rays of the sun caress the tops of pines and the bowl of the lake.


“I would like you to tell other incarnate people about My lakes, which you know and like as much as I do, — so that people would come here to Me, where I wait for them on the banks and waters… Try to tell it so that they may hear the soft lapping of waves against the boat, so that they may smell the odor of lake’s freshness, so that the rustle of the reeds and the sound of duck’s wings may invite them to come here and see the sunrise, so that they may see how the gentle cover of mist is illuminated by the rays of the rising sun, so that every coming soul may be purified — by this beauty of the Creation…

“And if you describe this in a film, show the beauty which helps souls to approach God, all We will be grateful to you.”

… I repeat again and again the words of an Igor Vysotin’s verse:

I Am Inviting You!

I am inviting you, inviting you to go
The Path which leads you to Me!
Look: here is the world! I opened the door for you!
Come in! My Love will embrace you!

I am inviting you to look with eyes of heart
At the richness of Life around, at the spring!
To fields, to forests I invite you
To say: “I am here, I love you so much!”

I am inviting you to look at night and mystery of dawn,
To listen to singing of bird in the morning,
And to feel the living mystery —
Awareness of life on the Earth!

I want to give you My sunrises,
All wonders of My Creation!
The joy of knowing them will take your breath away,
And your heart will shine with love!

I am here — in everything! I am talking to you
Quietly, like whispering of reeds…
We are only two here — you and Me! Open your heart
And listen to the voice of the Divine Soul!


(written down by Anna Zubkova

in August 2005)