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A broad smile, strong gentle Arms of Consciousness embracing us, Divine Tenderness… It is our Friend — Kim!

“May I tell My story?”

“Yes, Kim, of course!”

… Korea… Kim shows a Buddhist monastery in mountains. Neatly paved trails, planted trees, bushes. A mountain brook flows through the monastery territory and beautifies its every corner. It fills lakes, rolls over stone steps, and makes small babbling waterfalls…

Transparent waters run over stones… High and pure sound of bells floats around: it is wind touches them gently — and clear sound fills the transparent air…

Kim continues:

“Buddhism in its original purity is, first and foremost, morality. It also implies perceiving the world in harmony. It is also calm.

“Have you ever thought about the meaning of the word Boddhisattva? Boddhi or buddhi means ‘developed (individual) consciousness’; sattva means ‘harmony’, ‘purity’… Everyone has to strive for achieving the state of Boddhisattva — in order to dedicate the life to saving all souls from the abyss of suffering.

“And everyone can eventually become a Buddha — a Completely Liberated One.

“The main principle of Buddhism — ahimsa — implies non-causing harm, as possible, to other creatures. It is the foundation of love-compassion. Everyone who observes this rule in their life is on the Path to Light

“… Even when I was a small boy, I liked to be a defender. I liked to protect the lives of bugs, birds, plants. My grandfather explained to Me why man cannot use bodies of animals for food, why we have to strive to avoid causing pain to other living beings… I gladly considered Myself a defender and savior of bugs and rabbits, butterflies and baby birds — of all creatures! I was only five years old when I took on the ‘mission’ of defending everything living.

“But one day… My brothers and I played with a nesting, which fell out of its nest. Occasionally I broke its leg. I almost wept. My grandfather looked at Me with despise. He told to older children how to treat the nesting. Then the grandfather called Me and told that My amusement turned out a pain for a small bird…

“Since that moment I understood fully the holy principle of not causing evil, not causing pain, not doing violence to living creatures… Since that moment I have never violated it.

“… When I grew up, I fell in love with a beautiful girl. She became My wife and the mother of our three sons.

“… Once, an awful epidemic happened and took away many lives. My wife and children died too… I… could not protect from the disease and death those whom I loved…

“Then I took the decision to become he who possesses the Higher Knowledge about how to save and protect…

“… Monasteries in Korea at that time were centers where people studied reading and writing, medicine, and cognition of the Primordial Consciousness. Normally, only children from noble families were sent to monasteries for receiving education.

“And I was almost 40 years old… I walked from one monastery to another, but no one agreed to accept Me as a student. They offered Me shelter and simple work, but when I asked for more — they only laughed at Me…

“… Once, when I received next refusal from a haughty monk, I went toward the gate… Suddenly… I saw a Great Sage walking slowly out of the temple… Our eyes met. He made a slightest gesture with His hand and that monk, prostrating himself before the Sage, jumped and rushed to call Me back…

“… Since that moment, I was as if in a dream, though I remember all slightest details.

“He was a Great Teacher! Love and Wisdom shone from His eyes.

“He beckoned Me to come close. I went to Him as if through a volume of water, forgetting about everything around!… I forgot even to kneel before Him… He smiled and touched My head with His hand… Only then I recollected Myself and prostrated at His feet…

“He told Me quietly:

‘I will teach you…’

“These words touched Me very deeply… Sleep of the soul ended! Awakening began!

“He commanded that I was given a possibility to wash Myself, to be fed and brought to a cell in the monastery… He told also that He would wait for Me tomorrow before the dawn.

“Next morning before the dawn, I was brought to Him. He made a gesture with His hand and the monks left us alone.

‘What do you want?’ He asked.

“I began telling My story… He interrupted Me in the middle:

‘I know everything about you I need to know. Tell Me another thing: are you ready to serve the Great Cause from now on up to the moment when all souls on the Earth receive Liberation?’

‘Yes!...’ I whispered.

“Then you have to make up for the forty years of your life… Are you ready to work so that every day brings fruits of forty days? You have to make up for lost time and be never satisfied with the achieved results. I will help you. But first other monks will teach you. I will call you later… And now… follow Me.

“We walked to a terrace of the temple…

“… The sun was rising over the mountains. Blue haze of mist over the dale turned into a sea of living shining light. In silence, in quietness of the great mystery of Light and Life — the sun was rising over the horizon. We stood together: a Great Teacher and a forty-years-old man, who just began cognition of the soul’s path toward the Light so that to guide later other people on it…

“Then the things went as they should. I learned sciences and meditation keeping in mind that ever day I have to accomplish as much as others accomplish in one month…

“… Once at the end of a hard-work day, I began to meditate in My cell. Suddenly, the Teacher appeared before Me. I prostrated Myself before Him and wanted to touch His feet…, but My hands moved though Teacher’s legs: He came to Me in a non-material body!… He laughed with His shining Body of Consciousness while I, astonished, sat on the floor…

“He said without moving the lips:

‘Well done! You see Me and understand Me well. Now — go to bed. You need to have a good rest. Since that moment, I will teach you Myself. Every morning you have to enter the meditation — and wait for Me. I will come as I did today…’

“Thus, the stage of My initiation into the buddhi yoga began.

“Only occasionally My Teacher called Me to Himself to give additional explanations through His material body. I learned to feel His presence not only during morning meditations: now in every difficult situations I could ask Him — and receive His answer in words or at the level of understanding. When I relied too much on His support, He did not answer: He came, but I felt only His disapproving silence. In such cases I understood that I have to seek the solution Myself.

“… Once He came and told Me that He was abandoning the earthly body…

“… The Great One left… The monastery was in mourning…

“… I was overwhelmed with grief… Next morning it took Me much effort to enter meditation… I ascended to a platform from which one could watch sunrise… I tried to expand with the consciousness over the expanse, but tears streamed from My eyes…

“… Someone touched My shoulder… I raised My eyes and… saw the Teacher…

‘I told you so many times that there is no death!’ smiled He.’

“I prostrated Myself before Him and, to My astonishment,… touched His feet. His body was real, material! I could touch Him!

“He told:

‘Some time ago you promised to miss not a single day in your work and to dedicate your entire life to cognition of the Path and helping others in their search for the Light. Do you remember?

‘Next time I will come in a body to congratulate you when you receive supervision over the monastery. And now — you do not need My body for learning further from Me… I will continue teaching you without it…’

“… The Teacher kept His promise.

“Yet, this happened in My next incarnation…

“That time I had the name Kim. In meditations I constantly saw Him — My Teacher.

“My path to the Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness was easy and straight. I cognized Nirvana in Mergence with Him and then accepted supervision of the monastery. This day the predicted miracle happened: My Divine Teacher came in a materialized body and blessed a new stage of My path — the stage of Great Service.”

“Kim, could you tell us in more detail — what methods were used in that monastery for achievement of Nirvana?”

“The methods of buddhi yoga are almost the same everywhere. Only nuances are different. You all studied it in your School and have good understanding of this.

“But now I want to put the emphasis on the following. For achievement of the success, it is very important (otherwise it is simply impossible!) to stay always in a calm and joyful positive emotional state.

“One must not live without positive emotions, without enjoying — and dissolving oneself in the enjoyment! An example familiar to you is dissolution in the sattva of your beloved nature, which is very dear to every One of Us, too! Nirvana can be easily achieved after mastering deep sattva — the state of joyful calm, blissful inner quietness!

“And for this, one needs satisfaction! Dissatisfaction with something, which becomes dominant, represents a significant obstacle on the Path.

“There must be only one dissatisfaction —dissatisfaction with oneself regarding own spiritual achievements, regarding unachieved-yet full cognition of the Primordial Consciousness and Mergence with the Higher Self! It has to remain always and… impel one forward!

“All other needs of the sattvic soul has to be satisfied! The food has to be sattvic and tasty; yet one must not eat too much! The body has to be washed daily, so that it and the soul do not suffer from dirt! One has to be able to commune with living nature and enjoy this! One has to have meetings with beloved people! Satsanga is a society, a community of spiritual friends who love each other, who ‘travel in one boat’ from the bank of sansara to the place where there is only Nirvana!

“Also it is very important, though not everyone understands this, that the sexuality which is peculiar to all young and healthy individuals also has to be given a possibility to manifest itself and to contribute to the spiritual development of the partners! Monasteries are places where spiritual warriors, who aspire to cognition of the Primordial Consciousness, collect and work hard! Monasteries are not for those who torture themselves, wait for their death, and are afraid of mentioning about sexuality… It is tamas!…

“Healthy, sattvic sexuality allows one to learn taking care about others; it fills one with tenderness, refines the emotions. It removes the unwanted sexual dominant, which hinders one’s searching for the Creator! Of course, the ethical component in sexual relationships has to be observed always.*

“If everything is done correctly, as it has to be, then the purity and freshness of the emotions of the erotic field — tenderness, caress, admiring the beauty — overfill one and give superficial subtle energy, which is needed for proper growth of the consciousness.

“God always blesses such sexuality; He does not bless only the sexuality of the tamas guna. You can ask anyone about this, ask Jesus Christ, for example.


“Yes, these are My words as well. The same every One of Us, representing the Father, can say to you. The Path to Me, to the Heavenly Father goes through sattva, not through tamas.

“Let Me stress also the importance of the inner quietness… It can be achieved only when, among other things, there is a harmonious satisfaction of the sexuality. Or when the sexuality is left in the past*…, but the soul’s tenderness remained!”


“I acquainted you with Tchao Li. How did you like Her?”

“She is a most subtle and tender Divine being!”

“She is My second wife! She, too, cognized all this. She supported Me then. And I brought Her together with Me into the Abode of the Creator!”

“Kim, what was the name of Your Teacher?”