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“Tell us please about Yourself”

“I was a student of Pythagoras. There was once a Greek town on this place. Here there was My School. I created it at request of My Teacher. I tried to keep all traditions and principles of His School.

“Our selection of aspirants was as strict as His. There was certain trial period with lectures, which helped the initial ethical transformation of those who wanted to join the Pythagorean brotherhood — in accordance with its highest moral norms. Only then the aspirants could be accepted as students.

“One of the most important points of the initial stage of learning was to master hesychia. One had to learn to stay in the inner quietness not for minutes or hours but for days and weeks — until this state becomes a quality of the soul.”

“Tell us, Konstantinos, did You use places of power at that time? For example, this wonderful place of Yours?”

“Yes and no. I did not know such concept as places of power. However, we chose places for meditations taking into account the place’s energy, which we could feel, of course.

“The contemplation of the sea expanse, the measured sound of waves helped the students to stop the mind, to submerge into the inner quietness. The students began to live in the space of quietness. In this state one feels that the body is but a tiny grain in comparison with the expanse of the sea, and the life of man is but a moment in comparison with the eternity of the rocks and sea…

“The literary works of Pythagoras and His students helped at the first stages by giving to the mind formulas for submersion into the inner quietness.

‘Your personality is like a grain on the bottom of the ocean. But any tiny part can become aware of its unity with the Whole… Thus we can approach the Truth…’ — this worked in the same way as selections of excerpts from your books.

“Then, in the state of calm, the students learned to listen — to listen to the incarnate Teachers and then — to non-incarnate. Thus the students gained the ability to listen and to perceive the information not only with the mind of the body but with the whole consciousness.

“And, of course, from the beginning of the learning, students were taught the art of working with their energy structures: to cleanse them, to move the concentration of the consciousness between different chakras and meridians. The students learned to place the concentration of the consciousness in concrete energy structures and achieve the beauty of the sounding of oneself-consciousness in harmony with the Whole: feeling and radiating the states of love, calm, joy, strength, confidence, tenderness, etc.

“They trained these abilities also in singing, reciting, dance, playing musical instruments, studying harmony in music. Improvisations-meditations with concentration, for example, in the front meridian, sushumna or other chakras — were works of art, examples of svara.

“As a result, the students developed the ability of controlling the body — as a musical instrument which can sound in harmony with Divine Subtlety and Purity.

“Then, judging from the results of learning on this stage, we selected few students for the higher stages — the stages of buddhi yoga. It was the stage of meditative work from one’s own Mahadouble.

“As for the others — we created for them the best conditions for developing the consciousness’ abilities to think and to show creativity through various forms of service, through the development of thinking skills by means of studying the mathematics, logics, architecture, rhetorical art, etc. After all, it is creativity that is the best way of developing the ability of the consciousness to think!

“On the higher stages of work, our medications where similar to those you perform: Static and Dynamic Aspects of the Nirvana, Total Reciprocity, Son of God, Tray, Standing in Full. Of course, we had no such names but the meditations were similar to yours in essence.”

“And what about the control over matter?”

“For gaining this ability one needs mastering fully the Divine Thinking. Also — full transfer of the process of thinking into the Atmic Consciousness and full mastery of the meditation Absolute.

“But My main task was different: I led souls through the stages of cognition of the Divinity and strived to spread among people the knowledge about the Laws of the Whole and about the stages of cognition of the Creator of the Earth.”