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Lao Tse

“… Yes, the ancient Chinese civilization is one of those important cultures of the Earth that humanity still remembers about. Its development from the very beginning was guided by Avatar Huang Di.

“It is since that time that people began to call by the name Tao the One and Indivisible Whole — God in the aspect of the Primordial Consciousness.

“Tao is above everything and in the Depth beneath everything.

“It is beyond understanding of the ordinary mind, yet It can be cognized with a developed consciousness.

“Tao is the Highest, the most Subtle and Blissful, inseparable into male and female, into left and right, into more and less perfect.

“It creates. It manifests with Itself the Original Essence of all things and phenomena, yet It is not these things or phenomena.

“Tao is omnipresent.

“Everything in the world of matter have certain limits, but Tao is unlimited and eternal.

“Only those dedicating their lives to cognition of Tao and living in love and calm can cognize the Primordial Tao.

“Millennia pass…, but the Teachings about Tao and about the path to It remain among people.”

“You said that You were a student of Huang Di?”

“Yes… Once it was My time to come so close that I began to see Him… I managed to become calm and silence to such an extent that I could hear Him. Huang Di began to speak, and I wrote down the text called Tao Te Ching…”

“Tell us please how did You learn?”

“From a certain stage, a consciousness developed in past incarnations receives the direct guidance from Tao. There is a stage in soul development when the Teachings of the Immortal Ones can be not only understood in words but also realized in life. Such was My last incarnation. I came to the Earth to renew and cleanse the Teachings about Tao from everything superficial and to leave this knowledge to people.”

“Legends say that You were a philosopher, historian, and keeper of ancient archives; that You retired and went traveling; and that a guardian on the border did not let You pass until You expound Your Teachings in a written form. Is it true?”

“Yes. As any One who has achieved the Goal and crosses the border of life-death on the way from the world of incarnate beings to the Life in Tao — so I had to leave My Message to people.

“… Even before this, in the previous life I was a student of Huang Di in one of His Great Incarnations.”

“May we ask You to tell about Huang Di, about how did He teach?”

“How does God teach? Don’t you know?… He shows the Way and then creates obstacles for you to overcome. He teaches you subtlety — and then suggests that you strengthen your power. He suggests that you become aware of yourself — and then shows that there is no you, that there is only Tao… Softly and gently, as a calm tender ocean, He embraces you and immerses into Himself. And then — in silence and Infinity — there remains nothing of you! Then there is nothing but Tao — All-pervasive, Infinite!… And above the Ocean of Tao, there is Light which has Names and Forms… One of these Names is Huang Di. These Names are as many as the rays of Sun. Among Them there is also Lao Tse.”

“Did You see Huang Di living in body?”

“I saw Him living in body, disappearing and appearing again. Yes, I saw Him! I heard His words coming from His lips. I heard His words sounding in the depth of the spiritual heart. I heard His silence in the Depths of Tao.”

“Could you tell a bit more about Him?…”

“These are very ancient images from the life of China…

“Sunrise in mountains… The Huang He river rolls its waters to the sea, which is called now Yellow. Do you know why? The Goldish Light of the shining of the Glory and Greatness of Huang Di reflected in it, and the water became filled with its yellow-goldish shining…

“The castle of Huang Di… In the form it was similar to a giant multilevel pyramid. Wide terraces on every level of the pyramid allowed one to walk it around. In order to come to the next level, one had to pass through a guarded gate into the inner rooms. There was a passage further — to the next level. People who had not achieved a certain level of the development of consciousness were not allowed to come to the higher levels.

“In the inner rooms of the highest level, Huang Di accepted His closest associates and students.

“The first level was used for crowded meetings. Its giant gate opened outside — through it solemn processions came out when ceremonies were performed.

“At that time Huang Di granted to China not only the Teachings about Tao but also knowledge for the material word: hieroglyphic writing, mathematics, astronomy, counting of time and calendar, many things of medicine. All this became available to people. Also His precepts about righteousness and order became the basis of welfare for centuries.

“… Quietly flows the Huang He river; the mountains’ tops are in the sky, and the Earth itself is their firm base… Look in the eyes of Huang Di and you will learn more…

“There are the eternal and unchanging Teachings of God. There is boundless Tao. Everything created by Tao comes and disappears, but Tao remains… It cannot be described with the help of words, but there are Immortal Ones Who traversed the Path and Cognized Tao!”

“Tell us, Lao Tse, do You have Your places of power?”

“Yes I do. I have many such places! Most of them are in China but not only there. I look after the growth of many souls for many centuries. I like arts. I am a Patron of those who with a stroke of brush on paper make viewers to hold their breath and to peer at that Unmanifest which becomes living on paper in the place where the picture left empty space. I am glad about the rhythm of verses which reveal quietness. I am a Guardian of the traditions of calm, harmony, and beauty. Calm and love are the basis of the righteous beingness!

“… Soon, much will change in China…”

“How can we find in China people who can become interested in our knowledge?”

“Through Europeans and Americans seeking the ancient knowledge of China. Through them you will find those people that I want to connect with you.”

“Will You advise us something concerning our new site dedicated Tao?”

“It would be good to link it with serious sites of the same subject. Then it will be possible to find people that I said about.

“If you can publish on the site the full text of Tao Te Ching with commentaries of the one who cognized Tao — this would make the site more interesting.”



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