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“Lao, how did You fall in love with God? How did You fall in love with God so much that You and so many students of Yours attained Mergence with the Creator?”

“I do not know… Even when I was a child, He was always near Me… I knew that His fathomless eyes always look at Me and give Love, and I dissolved in this Love… When I listened to rusting of leaves or to whispering of rain, to murmur of brook or to singing of birds — I always heard His voice… In the quietness of evening and in the clearness of morning — He was near Me. He told Me about love… He smiled with the corolla of every flower, caressed Me with sunlight, stroke Me with the wind touching My face… When I walked the earth, I felt His hands, which supported and guided Me…

“… When does a baby begin to love its mother? When it grows in her flesh? Or when it drinks her warm milk for the first time? Or when it sees her first smile?… The baby does not know it. The baby just grows in this love.

“I do not know how I fell in love with God. I was born in His love, breathed it, grew in it. And My love for Him grew together with Me…

“Then I understood that people do not know this love… And I began to seek how to help them.

“Thus I found My lake, and on its bank an ashram was built… There God began to teach Me how to help people — He taught Me love, care, and patience of a mother who supports her children with her palms… My children were flowers, birds, trees, grass, people — My people who learned Love…

“It is in this place that I became that Lao whom you know now… And My heart became a Lake of the Divine Love — a small drop of the Great Ocean. Everyone coming to Me submerged into Its Waters and took with themselves as much love as they can contain… Those who stayed with Me in the ashram grew in My Heart, which never separated from the Ocean of the Creator anymore.

“… Also I would like to tell you the following. On the spiritual path, a spiritual warrior is never left alone; God always takes part in the warrior’s advancement. In other words, the spiritual advancement is not the result of the efforts of the warrior alone, but the result of the common work of the warrior and God.

“It is God Who creates for spiritual warrior the conditions for further advancement. By doing this God gives the warrior a chance to become that what the warrior chooses to be.

“God gives the warrior possibilities for self-development by involving His Power in this process. The more fully and self-sacrificially the spiritual warrior is devoted to the work of self-development and helping others in their development, the more marvelous possibilities and prospects God provides to such a warrior.

“I want everyone walking the Path of Good to remember always about the constant presence of God in their lives and never doubt His Power! He who goes through life together with God, feeling always His presence, can never become dejected. After all, dejection is a denial of the presence of the infinite Divine Power in one’s life, a separation of oneself from God, a refusal to accept His help…

“… With subtle morning mist I cover green shoots, which have just appeared from the ground.

“They are very fragile and tender; they are My children. I support them with My hands, warm them with gentle sunlight.

“They grow under the Rays of My Love.

“I lavish My care and tenderness upon them. I help them to become stronger, to grow up, and to bloom.

“And then subtle aroma fills the entire universe…

“Be gardeners in My Garden and help Me to grow My flowers!

“The heart that has contained the Infinity of the Creator’s Love becomes a Temple of God. Then it can create hearths of spirituality in any place on the Earth.

“If one became a Temple of God and represents now the Abode of the Creator, then through such a person a Divine Stream begins to flow — a Source of the Water of Life, a Source of the True Life. Everyone drinking from such a Source receives a chance to begin their own ascent!

“God needs your present earthly bodies! They connect the World of God — and the physical plane! Through these bodies people can see the Light of the Creator, the Light of Truth! Therefore, dematerialization of your bodies is not planned for you. Instead, service is needed! If you perform dematerialization, then you cannot help people from the incarnate state, and this is undesirable at present!

“Every one of you has to burn with the desire to give God to other, the desire to shine from the life-giving Source of Truth, to which thirsting souls may come…

“When serving, you have to shine with Divine Fire! Give Us — to everyone!

“My dream and the dream of every One of Us is to turn the Earth into a blooming Ashram! Though We understand how much evil there is on the Earth now…”

“Lao! What can one do to prevent situations when children who receive our knowledge ‘fall back’ to the opposite direction?”

“First, you have to develop love in the children! Then such ‘falls’ will be impossible. A soul which has grown as love cannot degrade!

“Second, you have to strive to create groups of children (or children and adults) similar to forest ashrams — with pure and harmonious environment for living and growing. It is in such environment that one can form in souls strong, positive principles of life, morals, principles of interaction with the world of living nature. Forest schools are the possibility to help to survive those shoots of good which, at the beginning, need to be cared for constantly.

“To be different from others — normally it is not possible for a soul in a child’s body. To oppose alone the aggressive primitivism is possible only for an adult and strong person. Also, not all children can withstand by themselves the temptations of the dull contentment of the tamas guna.

“But if there are companions on the Path, then the child — even if he or she was an outcast — accepts a new positive role and becomes one of the heroes-pioneers, defenders of the good!

“To a child, it is very important to have like-minded companions both among adults and among children!

“… One has to lay in children the foundation of development in the form of growth of love! Then future difficulties, including temptations of the egoistic attitude toward the world, become less dangerous.

“It is love that has to be the foundation of education of souls of any age! This makes their degradation impossible! If the arms of the spiritual heart — the arms which give, create love — became the basis of soul’s life, such a soul cannot fall! And against such background the intellect has to develop! A healthy and joyful way of life in harmony with nature, giving love to others — this is how souls have to be educated! Development of cordial love toward every God’s creation can help children on the spiritual Path! Forest schools are the possibility for creating spiritual environment for children’s growth!”

“How can one help those who turn away from love?”

“They have many lives ahead… God’s help comes to those who seek how to help others.”