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Nikolay Nekrasov

We are in the night forest. It is December in our northern latitudes. A lot of snow has fallen, but now it is a thaw. The snow on the ground becomes denser. And the snow on branches thaws; drops fall everywhere around us. This creates the illusion of a spring rain.

The forest is filled with fragrant mist, which emanates from thawing snow, and — with quietness.

The dawn has not broken yet. The bright moon shining in the sky makes mysterious patterns of shadows on the snow.

Beauty of the night forest!

The words from a poem of Nikolay Alexeevich Nekrasov come to mind: “Everything is good under the shining of the moon!…”

We have come to His place of power in the forest.

We build a fire, as we usually do in such cases, sit abound it, take a rest after walking many kilometers over forest trails covered with snow, have a snack.

Gradually it begins to dawn. Now we can begin the work for the sake of which we came to this place.

Here — over a clearing and over the entire forest stands, in a Mahadouble, Divine Nekrasov. One can see overhead His Face, which is easily recognizable from His portraits. Below is His giant anahata, kilometers in size, containing in itself the forest with its inhabitants. And in the Primordial Depth — abides the rest part of this Great Divine Soul.

… We mentioned in the video film Places of Power. Three Steps of Centering that on places of power one may encounter unique botanical phenomena. Here on the place of Nekrasov, we see an abundance of lichen of certain species. It grows on dry brunches of firs. With its threads, which resemble hairs, this lichen forms numerous likenesses of the small beard worn by Nekrasov during His earthly life; this beard is seen on His Countenance now as well!…

… We ask Him to relate about that part of His life which remained secret for the people who knew Him in those years…

“I attained Divinity not in the last incarnation known to you, but in the previous one. I was a follower of the Pythagorean School, a student of Pythagoras and Socrates.

“In that School, they knew also about the multidimensionality of the universe, knew how one can cognize the Creator, enter into Him forever and become a Part of Him.”

“Were You aware of Your Divinity in the last incarnation?”

“No. This life of Mine, in many aspects, was not like a life of an Avatar… It was designed so by God: in order not to tempt persecutors…

“… Only few people in the next millennia understood the Pythagorean tradition, recognized the greatness of that School. The incarnation of Pythagoras was an incarnation of God!”

“Where does Pythagoras work now? Can we communicate with Him even as we communicate with You? Are there His Mahadoubles, His working sites in these lands?”

“One may find Him on Sicily and on the south-east shores of the Mediterranean sea.

“Pythagoras was a Messiah in that part of the Earth similar in His significance to Jesus Christ. If you dig in the history, you will manage to decipher much interesting material on this subject and publish it.”

“For us and for our readers, for sure, it would be interested and useful to learn more about Your last but one incarnation and about Your apprenticeship with the Pythagoreans…”

“I lived then in the region of the Mediterranean sea. I was a Roman citizen from a noble aristocratic family. I sailed a lot over the sea with diplomatic missions…

“The sea is wonderful! In the early morning, when the giant disk of the sun rises from the horizon and the entire space gets suffused with goldish gentle light, — the soul becomes enchanted by the greatness of the Creator! In such moments, one can very easily expand with the consciousness over the sea, open arms, feel the joy of freedom, — and blend with the sunlight, with the wind, feel oneself a giant free bird soaring over the boundless waters!…

“… I was an educated man thirsting for new knowledge. I heard a lot about Pythagoras, about His Teaching, and dreamed of finding His followers who continue His work. I knew that His students, who remained after the carnage, went to the all corners of the Mediterranean region and founded Pythagorean Societies.

“I was lucky to become one of them! It happened so:

“… Once I met a man who talked to Me… very interestingly! The questions asked by him touched Me very deeply… He easily drew Me to such openness which I usually did not allow Myself! My innermost views about the purpose of life, about how one can live honestly and righteously, how one should guide people, — I told him everything! I talked sincerely and passionately!

“… Now I understand that he could read Me like a book. With the help of the remarkable skill of conducting a conversation and seeing through the interlocutor, he learned about Me everything!…

“… I was interesting to him: a young educated man with a clear mind and pure aspirations — a good candidate for learning. The same problems attracted us: reformation of the society, moral purity of people, Divine laws, personal cognition of God.

“He invited Me to a meeting where they discussed these subjects…

“In that way I came to the Pythagoreans.

“They tried Me out for some time to become confident of the purity of My intents, steadfastness of My views, My honesty. After that, they began acquainting Me with the work of the Society. Then they offered Me to learn.

“In the Society, they taught the laws of the higher justice expounded by Pythagoras; they also observed the principle of the multistage giving of the higher esoteric knowledge — according to students’ level of development.”

“What meditative methods were used in that School for cognition of the Creator?”

“On the higher stages, they gave knowledge about the multidimensional structure of the universe. And a student — with the consciousness developed as a spiritual heart — learned to move using the arms of the consciousness through the all strata of multidimensionality: from dense — to the subtlest ones. In that way, students cognized the Abode of the Creator, then mastered it and accustomed themselves to live in it in Mergence with the Creator.

“We had incarnate tutors, but Pythagoras and His closest Disciples were for us quite real non-incarnate Divine Teachers. They directed our spiritual advancement.

“In the tradition of the Pythagoreans, the theme of transformation of society’s life was the most important one; to Me, the most important in My life was cognition of the Creator.

“Though I attained Mergence with the Creator, I had not managed in that incarnation to turn the look of the soul from Him to incarnate people. This became the task of My life in Russia: I had to develop in Myself the Divine Love for people.

“In Russia, My civil activity of a publicist and a poet was aimed at changing the moral norms of the society by drawing its attention to the awful life of common people… I tried to raise compassion for common people in the powerful of this world…

“This became My service to Him.

“I did this in the country where everything was perverted: where drunk priests taught about God, where people-slaves died of hunger on the land which could produce plenty of food, where landlords amused themselves by birching their serfs, where the industrial progress just created another slavery — the slavery which bound workers to factories and deprived them even of the possibility to breathe the air of the land where… freedom and beauty live…

“I lived by the spiritual heart, and it ‘bled’ watching everything that was taking place in Russia: arbitrariness of officials, ruthless attitude of landlords toward serfs, darkness and ignorance everywhere around…

“I loved the Earth, loved the people, loved the great tenderness and harmony of nature… And I learned to love people not abstractly, but by fighting for them…”

“What would You advise us and everyone who goes to the Creator?”

“The first thing to do when one enters on the Path is to learn to live by the spiritual heart which is open toward people and all the living and radiates love. The second thing is to bring to people the true knowledge, the pure Teaching about God.

“One must raise free citizens with the help of the true knowledge about God! Only this will allow creating the moral structure of the society auspicious for spiritual evolution of all people.

“But one should not expect quick success in the work of the transformation of the Russian society…

“… Why in Russia during last centuries everything developed so badly despite the fact that there were many bright, outstanding personalities who tried to instill in the society the ideas of Love and Good?…

“Yes, God sows through such people His seeds… Yet, other members of the society decide themselves what they want to do with these ideas. This constitutes their freedom of choice…

“The purpose of God is not to make the life of people safe and happy by all means. God helps everyone by constantly suggesting to them — in some or other way — right decisions. But He also gives them the possibility to choose the path and to grow as they want. Only in such conditions one can have the true freedom of creativity, i.e. when one can grow as a creator: as a creator of oneself, to start with…

“… And the work of your School has to develop according to the known principle: God wants a new spiritual hearth to grow on the Earth, a hearth similar to Pythagoras’ School. He wants, in particular, that politics and scientists of various countries can receive confidential knowledge through you.

“Yet, this process will take not years, but decades.”