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“Each day is a small life” — M.Gorky

“Each life is a minute from the path of the soul” — Ngomo


We have known Ngomo for a long time. He was one of the first Divine Teachers Who took part in the formation and development of our School.

He has several favorite forest places.

This place in a pine forest is a small swamp covered with a carpet of soft green moss. In particular here, He showed us special African dances. His giant Body of Consciousness moved gently and gracefully with a rhythm of African melodies, filling us with joy and power of Divine Love.

There are also places where in His Mahadoubles, spread out for kilometers, He revealed to us — year after year — the secrets of further spiritual growth.

“We thank You for the Great Love, for the knowledge that You give us! Tell us, please, about Yourself: about how You grew up to the Divinity, how You live now…”

“Well, listen…

“Once I was an Astrakhan Tatar and hated all Jewry. Later on according to the law of karma, I was an Astrakhan Jew, and was afraid of Tatars and hate them, as well as all Muslims. After that I was incarnated in the Caucasus, being an Azerbaijani, and hated all Armenians. Then I was an Armenian and hated Azerbaijanis…

“After that nightmare, there was an incarnation which brought Me — long time afterward — the Divine glory. The African incarnation has nothing to do with this: in Africa I was incarnated later on, being already Divine.

“I know ‘Holy Russia’ very well… I was an old monk in an Orthodox monastery. In that incarnation, Jesus Christ touched Me with His Wing of Love, and I understood everything!…

“Yes, My spiritual Path began indeed in Russia, in Orthodoxy. I was mastering methods of Hesychasm then.

“Vladimir, you are the first who understood My Essence! And I very grateful to you for this! I will do everything to save this knowledge for people on the Earth!

“… My path was very long, because it was necessary to pass through many incarnations in order to clean Myself from the burden of the past and only afterward to merge with the Creator of all manifested universe. According to the law of karma, all that evil which I caused returned in My destiny… — until I experienced all that I wished to others before…

“… Some time I lived on the bank of the Volga river… I was a boatman. The river taught Me a lot… I ferried people from one bank to another; I ferried everyone to where one made for. The river carried My boat; the river taught Me wisdom and calm… I ferried many people and learnt a lot from them…

“I said you before that I lived under the ‘town Crane’. But do not look for it on a map… Cranes lived on the roof of My hut, and I lived under their town

“… The one who sees everyday how cranes live will never be a man of evil. Their flight above the earth is like a dance: when they are lowering their long legs and, moving backward and forward on their wings in the warm air currents, are touching the ground… Their song during the flight — the song of the soul — is incomparable with anything else.

“And also a crane with its beak can tell about its love. It throws back its head, almost pressing it to the back, and, with fast clicking, beats out the rhythm of the song for its beloved:

‘I love you, I love only you, and I will forever love only you, my Chosen One! You will be the mother of my children! I love you, you, and only you!’’

“How did Your ‘meditations of sands’ come about? How did You invent these amazing meditations for the transformation of energies of matter of a body? Were You incarnated in Africa, in a desert?”

“No, the African incarnation has nothing to do with this… And about sands… — it was a game…

“I recount you the story about the boy who lived on the bank of a river…

“… The boy is sitting near the river and playing with sand… Soft white sand is running down, streaming unbroken flow through his fingers … The boy is playing, and the sand is dissolving him in itself. The boy is experiencing the mobility of its energies and flowing together with it. In that way he begins learning how to be the Living Light.

“And from the sand, moistened by the water, castles, sculptures, and bridges arise… All that ‘sandy world’ consists of crystals of white-goldish sand… Afterwards that ‘world’ will dry, and the wind will blow it away…

“Look, the boy is not playing with the sand any more; he is looking at the river. He follows the cranes, flying above the river, with his eyes; he follows the water, streaming into the sea… The boy wants to flow far away with transparent water…

“If one looks for a long time at transparent water, then it sounds… Someone said to the boy that people built a dam in the way that churches were flooded, and now the water of the river by itself rings the bells, which people do not ring any more… The river itself rings the bells to awake the souls of people…

“… The boy hears the bell, ringing in the transparent water… The transparency of water moves apart like curtains… An old monastery stands on the bank of the river, and the bells sing their song…

“… An old monk Zosima smiles in his cell. The morning. God is rejoicing at the morning, and the old monk Zosima is rejoicing at the morning as well… Since Jesus has been living in his heart, the old monk Zosima is always in joy… He lights a candle and feels the cordial warmth brighter. He is whispering quietly the words of thankfulness to the Lord, and Jesus is rejoicing in the heart of the old monk Zosima. The morning of the Lord is above the earth, and the morning of the Lord is in the heart of Zosima… He recollects in his prayers all whom he knows and all whom he does not, and the cordial love of the old monk Zosima flows like a bright river…

“… Look at the flow of water: the transparent water washes away the image of the old monk — the image from My past, and only the river is… Beyond each drop of water, the purest Light shines… In this Light, you can see neither the boatman on the river nor the old monk Zosima nor the famous writer who described in his books the path of the soul nor an African Ngomo Who would have died because of tuberculosis, if He had not recalled that He and the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness are One…”

“It seems to me that You mentioned what is called ‘sudden enlightenment’, right?”


“But I will speak about this in detail.

“An ascent of each soul is a long path, is a tenacious and hard struggle. As a result of that struggle, the complete transformation of personality, of individual ‘self’ into the ‘Self’ of the Creator happens.

“‘Sudden enlightenment’, in a common understanding of this term, i.e. among not well-informed people, is an illusion. This is just a narrow, subjective view of those who are not capable of looking beyond the borders of one’s particular incarnation.

“How does ‘sudden enlightenment’ look like, seen through the eyes of an ordinary man? It looks like this: ‘One lives and lives, and once — bang! — sudden enlightenment happens: Everything is God!’ Yes, it could be like this, but with a few, with those who in the course of many and many incarnations worked in the ‘spiritual field’. If we ‘lift the veil of the past’ of such a soul, then we will see that in the previous life it was necessary to make ‘half step’, ‘half breath’ for that soul in order to attain the completeness of realization.

“Like this, ‘miracles’ of ‘sudden enlightenments’ happen. At that they are created by Me! Miracles, extraordinary events, are the best ‘hook’, the most ‘appetizing bait’ which attracts masses of young incarnate souls instantly. And sometimes this gives the opportunity to create one more hearth of spirituality on the Earth, to distract people from worldly bustle, from depravity, to lay in them the seeds of life devoted to the quest for Perfection and cognition of the Creator.

“Those who find ‘sudden enlightenment’ not always have a recollection of how long and hard their own Path of the Ascent was. They just plunge completely into Me, into the ecstasy of Unity and often make a mistake, thinking that every soul at any moment of its life can attain the same greatest state. But this is also used by Me. This is My test, My reconnaissance which allows Me to know how this or that soul will use this or that information.

“Yes, not all who ‘swallowed the bait’ make a right choice. But all this is natural selection among souls! I just suggest the Path, but all further development depends on many factors, including, the initial qualities of the soul. For some people the statement ‘All is God’ instantly turns into a formula ‘thus, I am God!’ and becomes an excuse for any, even the ugliest, manifestations of their lower ‘selves’. Others, on the contrary, having heard these words, perceive them as the Law of Love: ‘All is God’ means, consequently, that He is present in everyone and everything. Therefore, I should treat each form of life with love and respect. And such a ‘sudden’ alteration in an outlook of the soul is the beginning of its own Path.

“… My advancement was not rapid. From the first touch of Jesus to the full Mergence with the Creator, several incarnations passed…”

“Why did You choose from all Your names in different incarnations the name Ngomo now? This name means something special for You, right?”

“The name Ngomo means ‘the One Who dissolves others in Oneself’, and I like it because it mirrors My Essence.”

“Tell us, please, about that incarnation when You merged forever with the Creator.”

“I was a doctor in Mexico. At that time I had already known the Creator and could merge with Him. I loved people very much and strive to help them, wanted to serve them as our Universal Father does. And He gave Me such a possibility: I became a healer.

“The methodology of work was extremely simple. By My Arms of Consciousness I penetrated into a diseased area and cleansed damaged parts, removing the consequences of disease. Then I filled this area with new contents — with the purest Atmic Light. Of course, beforehand I explained to the patients the meaning of such work. In particular, I explained the cause of disease lies in vices of the soul. The results of these vices are sins. And if man accepted My explanations and, by sincere repentance, purified himself, then the success was guaranteed: man recovered.

“I was able to help many people then.

“I spoke to them about God, that He is our United Father and Mother, about how He loves us, about His Great Patience and Care, about His Tenderness and Love, that He is not a retributive sword and severe judge, but Caring, Understanding, and Loving, that He can come into the life of each if one desires this with all the heart and aspires to Him.”

“And afterward how did You attain Divinity?”

“Everything was quite simple. I worked for people and for Him, completely forgetting about ‘myself’. There was only He, His Eternal Love, and those to whom He helped through Me.

“At some point all these became united: I disappeared as ‘self’, and only He remained. And He was in everyone to whom I continued helping. My life became His life! And I attained the Great Calm!

“Later on I ‘died a natural death’: My physical body simply exhausted its resources, and I left it completely and entered the Father.”

“Tell us why did You come again to the Earth after the full Mergence with the Father?”

“I came to My children, putting on again corporeal flesh, in order to give them an opportunity to recognize and experience their true Parents: the Primordial Universal Consciousness, Heavenly Father and Mother. I came to encompass them with true Love, true Tenderness, and true Care, to give them ‘Heavenly Bread’*. The souls which accepted and ate this ‘Bread’ began growing and shining, illumining from within with the Divine Light of Love. And no matter what happened with such a person afterwards, in the soul the recollection of the Father remained alive.

“… There is an amazing quality of consciousnesses — an ability to merge.*

“The consciousness is capable of merging, including, with the Consciousness of God, and when the Ocean of Me engulfs you by Its Eternity…

“Nirvana is very simple: first, there is the Ocean of the Primordial One in Which there are no you, then there is ‘I’ of the Ocean Which is not parted any more on you and Me!”

Let Me merge with you today,

As always like for the first time!

Let My Love flow as a River,

As the Light of the Heart,

As a smile of eyes!


As a river merges with a river,

As water merges with water,

In the same way you merge with Me:

And only endless flowing Calm is!


When We unite in the Oneness with you,

My Flow will carry you away…

… Beyond the border of the Creation,

In the expanse of the Fire,

The Heart of God lives as the Ocean of Love!