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To the first meeting with Divine Nikifor on His favorite place of power in the forest we were prepared by Divine Sulia.

“Where did Nikifor incarnate last time?”

She shows the Pacific region to the northwest of Australia, on islands close to it.

“Now it is His turn to work with you.

“You sent your information to this region via the Internet; it was not by chance. It was necessary that people there learn about you.”

“The name Nikifor is of Greek origin?”

“Not exactly. It became Greek, Byzantine later. This name is international; it must not be related to a certain nation.”

… And now we are standing on the edge of a large forest glade overgrown with young birches and pines. Visiting Nikifor, we are standing inside His giant Mahadouble, composed of Living Divine Light.

The most wonderful thing here is that upon coming out from the forest to the glade one finds oneself… in the expanse of non-material ocean! The other reality of beingness becomes visible here to the eyes of a refined consciousness: oceanic expanse with calls of soaring gulls and a white sailboat. It is also the Ocean of Divine Light! Most tender and pure transparency of Its Depths, universal Calm, and Harmony of Divine Beingness give you the feeling of the highest bliss and serenity of existence in great Oneness of Divine Souls!

“Tell us please, how did You attain such Mastery — You can manifest so easily on the Earth the Depths of the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness?”

“I grew on the oceanic coast. In the oceanic expanse I cognized the Divine Wisdom. My Love grew in freedom, in expanse, — and there were no bounds to it!

“I cognized God orienting Myself not to Individual Manifestations of the Creator — Divine Teachers, but to the Absolute: to Universal multidimensional Organism with Its Base in the primordial loka — in the Heart of the Absolute. You are luckier! You have so many Divine Friends-Teachers, and I am one of Them,” laughs Nikifor.

“Tell us please about Yourself: it is so valuable to know one more possibility of cognition of God! How did You attain the Divinity? And when?”

“It was long ago… at the time of Atlantis. Later I incarnated once more on islands in the Australian region… They were very large islands; later they submerged into the ocean. There was a School of buddhi yoga of a very high level, similar to the Egyptian School of Ptahotep. First, I was a student, and then a Teacher of this School.”

“In what spiritual traditions did You work?”

“By God we called the United Highest Consciousness. My Mission was to teach the students, who had achieved the needed level, to be established in the status of the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness. In other words, My Mission was to teach Mahatmas to be the Ocean of Paramatman!

“I will teach you the same too.

“Listen now to My directions on meditation:

“One has to learn to live being constantly aware of oneself as the Only Existing Self — the Self of God!

“I am the Bliss, Tenderness, and Power of the Creator!

“I am Love! I am Light! I am Blissful Beingness!

“Try to feel this, immersing yourselves into Me-Universal, Me-the-Ocean

“Feel that there is only My Anahata — the Ocean of Me… Or feel Me as an Infinite Wave… And there is only the Infinity the Creator…

“And the completely purified body can be likened to a slit: through it you can perceive the material plane from the Ocean, while you are one with the Ocean

“The state of the Ocean is soft Calm, the Bliss of Giving Love…

“… I am always and everywhere! The entire Infinity of Me — of the Universal Ocean of the Creator — is separated from the Creation only by the finest membrane of the ‘Curtain’, which one can cross easily in any point of space. Love easily permeates through it into the Ocean of Me, as if being attracted by the Universal Magnet. The identical merge into One — thus works the Law of attraction.

“You are identical to Me! You flow into the Deepest Layer and remain There being connected, fastened by the awareness: ‘Waters of love which have infused into the Ocean are inseparable from the Ocean, and this is I!’

“But this is not all to it.

“With your hands of consciousness— perceive the Infinity of Yourself-the-Ocean

“There is only the Ocean… This is what Godcenteredness is.

“This means accustoming oneself to be the Heart of the Absolute: the United Higher Self, the United Ocean of You, Me, Everyone…!

“The one who has known the Ocean of Love aspires to It again and again!

“By submerging into Its transparency, one blends with It!

“By giving oneself, forgetting oneself, one dissolves in It!

“A heart which has encompassed the Ocean becomes the Ocean!

“A soul which has become the Ocean lives the life of the Ocean!”

“… Nikifor! The image of a white sailboat on the surface of the Ocean — what is its meaning?”

“We had light small vessels with white sails. On such a vessel the Messengers of the School went to every new spiritual seeker who, being a mature enough soul, addressed God with a request of receiving the Great Initiation and being taught to help people.

“Such a request was always clearly perceivable to the Members of our School — and a sailboat was sent to such a seeker. Messengers in white clothes went directly to that person, easily finding him or her in a ruler’s palace or in a pauper’s hut. They repeated verbatim the words of the appeal about the Great Initiation to that person and offered him or her to go to the Path. And then the new seeker went together with them to the vessel and came to the School to learn there the higher steps of the Path of soul.

“If that person wavered, being astonished by so prompt ‘material’ response to his or her appeal, the Messengers left to the shore and the sail waited there for three days… During these days the person could make the decision.

“Usually in these days, many people came to the Divine vessel, and our Messengers told them the words of truth, gave simple and clear precepts, healed them… All this remained in the memory of people as legends about God’s ‘descended from Heavens’.

“The School was situated on an island and was not associated with any state. It was autonomous and independent of the outer world.

“In the beginning of studying in the School, much attention was paid to the purity of the energy structures of the body (on the Atmic level of subtlety) and to the absolute control of the consciousness over the functions of the organism — both in the emotional-volitional sphere and on the physical level, up to control over the heart rate, respiration rate, functioning of the internal organs. Such psycho-physical exercises were taught to all beginners, independent of the age. Along with preparation of the body, one was taught the truths about the structure of the multidimensional universe, the meaning of human life, the nature of God.

“Then the students entered the stage of buddhi yoga. It was similar to yours; just the level of the consciousnesses of the beginners was much higher, and our initial steps were not ‘the first grade of school’, but ‘the first grade of university’, drawing an analogy with your contemporary world.

“… How can one perform actions on the Earth and at the same time remain in Mergence with Me? The main point here is from where your action originates: from Me or from the lower self, and also what the purpose of this action is.

“By his actions, man can either construct ‘nest’ for his lower self — or do My Will.

“Conscious actions, which originate from My Intent and realize it, can never slave you! On the contrary, they strengthen your Mergence with Me!”

“But what about feeding the body, household duties, etc?”

“Distinguish the cycling of matter in the world of prakriti — and actions related to My Life.

“That what you say about is just the cycling in the world of prakriti. Distinguish from it the actions that enter the world of prakriti from Me and that are aimed outside of this world.

“You must live not only by the cycling of matter in the world of prakriti, but — with your aspirations and actions — you must live outside it!

“… It is wrong to think that God does not care about your material problems — this is not true.

“I simply have problems or failures in the material world. And you, too, if you are One with Me, — will have no problems.

“When you are not with Me, you miss the possibility: wrongly chosen time, ill-timed action… This results in wasting of time and efforts.

“Always feel the way which I open for you! Walking it, you arrive to the destination in time, and there — everything is ready for your coming: it is Me taking care about you.

“But if man starts journey without paying heed to My signs, then on the finish he may experience bad luck or total failure. In other words, he encounters there his karma.”