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Odin, Whose name is known from many sagas and legends, is not a mythical character, but a very real Divine Personality.

Like other Divine Teachers helping people of the Earth, He contributes to formation of the spiritual culture on our planet.

We became acquainted with Him on one of His working places on former Finnish lands, where He is present in a giant Mahadouble, which has a form of a mountain rooted in the Abode of the Creator.

At out first meeting, He said that He has been working in Scandinavia for many centuries and was Himself incarnated in this region:

“I was born and grew on this Finnish land. Many Finns I led to the Creator’s Abode. But I meet Russian spiritual warriors here for the first time and am very glad of it!

“However, I ask you not to forget about the affliction of the Finnish nation, suffered guiltlessly during the World War II.”

“Odin, will you please relate about Your Path? How did You become Divine?”

“… It was long time ago… I was a Varangian, a captain of a merchant sailing ship… Rocks, winds, severe storms of the northern seas…

“I learned to steer My ship, aligning My will with the elements of the ocean. I learned to stand firmly on the deck dropping out from under the feet, to unite the power of My arms, holding guy ropes or the steering oar, the will of the ocean, and the will of My crew…

“Most of the time I was in the ocean. And I learned to love the far, longed-for land — love it like a fortune, like a continuation of life, which is given as a reward for the strength, courage, and fortitude…

“At that time — thanks to this — I mastered that power of the soul which is capable of making its way, knowing that there are storms, the destiny, God…

“… I never ‘prayed’ to Him… I knew that He holds in His Hands the steering oar of My life and ship, and that if I turn to the wrong direction, He has a right to take this life… I felt Him — even as I felt the elements of the ocean and wind, as I felt My ship and My friends, who entrusted their lives to Me. In storm and in calm, when moving forward requires no less skills than surviving in tempest, — I felt Him. … I trusted Him, but never ‘prayed’ to Him…

“… Then, I came to know love — tenderness and subtlety of love, which turned out to be above power…”

And Odin showed an image of a beautiful young woman with long light hair and great tenderness in the depth of her eyes… This image was full of soft calm…

He did not say anything more about her…

Yet, as the ocean keeps a pearl in its translucent depths, even so this love is kept in the depths of the Divine Soul…

His might and power transformed then into love and tenderness…

“After that, I cognized the Oneness,” He continued the narration.

He showed an image of Himself walking in morning sunlight. White long slightly curly hair and beard, wisdom of an elder, power of mature man and carriage of youth — all these had united in one body… Divinity — like morning sunlight — was streaming from His eyes. The Calm of the Ocean had become His Essence.

Now He identified Himself with the body not more than with the earth which He walked, not more than with the morning light or soft mist over smooth surface of lakes. He identified Himself with the body not more than with the calmness of granite rocks towering over glassy pellucid waters, not more than with tall pines reaching for the sky… And He was all this — not more than He was the fathomless Ocean of Light in the Depth under... He was Everything — at one and the same time…

… Then Odin showed His present appearance, in which we saw Him for the first time. He was like a Mountain rising from the Infinite Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness and opening with Itself an entrance into the Depths of the multidimensional Creation. His Face with white curly hair, like oceanic waves, represented the top of the Mountain. And His Hands below the surface of the Ocean supported with the Palms all living beings in the Creation, filling them from inside with power — with power to grow, to develop, to love, to be…

“What can you advice us concerning how we should live?”

“How to live? — Live with Me, from Me… And sow the seeds of My Love and Knowledge! Then people will go to the Light… — not immediately, not everyone, but there will be sprouts!…”

“How to sow?”

“Gently and softly, as a sower: he walks over the field, — and in a wide gesture the hand throws the seeds… Then rain waters the soil… And the sun warms it… And patient time goes by…

“There will be sprouts!

“Scientists working for God! Scientists studying Me, serving Me, sacrificing themselves for the sake of Me! I am proud of you: in particular, that I helped you to find and cognize Me!

“Your scientific group, at present, is the only one on the Earth that is successful in studying Me. You are not only a leading scientific group on the planet, but a unique one in this respect!

“I congratulate you on this!”

“Odin, tell us please: what does one need to do in order to master being in complete and permanent Oneness?”

“The foundation of Oneness is Love! This is a very important meditation: when the entire Absolute is My Anahata, My Heart; when I contain Everything in My Heart, in My Love; when I pervade everything, control everything; when I am Everything; when everything is pervaded with My Divine Love — every single atom!

“Yamamata told you: from outside one sees the Sun ‘rising’ over the ocean, but inside there is only Ocean…

“And I am telling you: everything, absolutely everything, that you see from outside, is One inside: the Boundless Ocean of the Creator — Oneness of the Whole! Everything rests on Him; everything is pervaded with the Transparent Component of His Depths!

“Everything is One, and in this Oneness you may gain omniscience, omnipresence, and the ability to control everything: small particles of Yourself inside Yourself-Whole, One…

“And let Me repeat that one can cognize the Oneness of everything only through Love!”

* * *

“… I am going to tell you about the Aesir, as They are called in Scandinavian legends and sagas, about Atlanteans Who assumed responsibility for the destiny of people on the Earth after the destruction of Atlantis.

“They were not many. But Their life span was much longer than that of other people living on the Earth at that time. They lived in the body for 300-500 years; it was normal for Atlanteans. People remembered Them as Gods coming down from Heavens and ruling the Earth. They would come to the Earth again and again, taking mortal women for wives, and this would bind Them to the material plane… Yet in every incarnation, They would bring the new mortal body to the Completeness of the Divine Awareness… As Bight Suns of Divine Consciousness, They guided the life on the Earth…

“I was one of Them…

“For many lives I came to the Creation and every time connected the embodied part of Myself-Consciousness with the Consciousness of the Creator.

“I became like a Mountain: its base is the Infinite Ocean of the Creator and its sides are this material world. I became ‘rooted’ so firmly that managed to finish with complete Mergence even My Varangian incarnation in that world where there was no knowledge about the Creator!

“… None of Those Great Souls counted on a quick success in spiritual transformation of the people of the Earth. One cannot impart higher knowledge to people who just began their evolutionary path in human bodies. Awareness grows ripe slowly in a series of many incarnations.”

“Do people need to know that which You describe? After all, the majority of them will take all this as fairy tales, which have no documentary evidence…”

“People do need to know it! This will expand the horizons, switch their thinking from mundane little concerns — to a broad look into the depth of the history of civilization, into the meaning of human life… This will make them to think about the evolution of consciousnesses in the universe, about the means of the Divine control of this process. People’s look will be directed not down at their feet; they will look farther, broader, deeper. The future will become open for creativity; every person aware of the meaning of our existence will be able to take part in creating this future!

“You may note that the modern youth is very interested in fantasy, fairy tales, and myths where adventures of people and mages open prospects of life of the consciousnesses, and not just the bodies… This is one of the means for redirecting the interest of youth to the world of Spirit.

“If you tell to the public about the Reality which I am describing and which is much more interesting than fairy tales, it may help to infuse a new current into the thinking of people.

“You should create a web site on this subject. It may include materials about Yamamata, Huang Di, Nikifor, Assyris and His schools, Pythagoras… and, of course, about Adler. Some new material is going to be added to it soon, so the site can be ready by spring.”

“But everything we do is not popular among people: they are interested only in how to become happy, healthy, rich…”

“Fine! Your next film may be The Art of Being Happy!

“Service! You have not really started it yet! Say nothing of finishing it!

“Throughout the whole planet you have to arrange camps for teaching children and youth — ‘miniashrams’!

“Inform through the Internet pedagogues of various countries… Engage in this work all your human resources! Republish the books! The book Spiritual Work with Children has to be translated into other languages!

“The knowledge, which you received, has to be made available to all people of the Earth!”