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“Tell us please about Yourself: how did You receive Initiations, how did You teach then!”

“The harmony between the development of love, wisdom, and power — this I would call the Golden law in the art of raising souls.

“In that last incarnation I was a Soul that already had the experience of God-cognition in many past lives. The main purpose of that incarnation was to reestablish the truth about God for many generations of people on the Earth.

“One can say that I was the last one of those who received initiation in Egypt in the traditions which originated from Thoth the Atlantean but had been perverted with time.

“The priests who taught Me possessed large personal power and knew many magical mysteries. But they got obsessed with growing of will and power, and thus they lost the Divine Light and the purity of souls. Their desire to rule over others, the feeling of being chosen — obscured love in them. They considered their personal will a manifestation of Gods’ will… They believed that their powers are the highest possible for man… Love was lost; there remained only the aspiration for power. They had much knowledge remained from the Atlanteans — about the Earth and cosmic bodies, about many other things... They had the ability to influence bodies and souls…

“But without Divine Love the power is dead… Only a soul transformed with Love can become wise! Only spiritual heart is capable of walking completely the entire Path of Cognition of the Creator without stumbling — and of merging into the Divine Essence which controls the Universe!

“… I am grateful to them. Later, I gave them everything I could — when they incarnated again…

“… For many years I learned from them, but I did not lose the purity of My aspirations and My Love for the Creator. I studied the science of life. I mastered the methods of growing and expanding the consciousness in different eons. I went through the ritual of initiation, in the form it existed in at that time. In that ritual one experienced death as reality. The soul has to go through the entire scale of universal emanations — from hell to Light — and had to choose the Light.

“But the Light was not known to the priests.

“Therefore, this last step was revealed to Me by those Divine Souls Who met Me in that Light. They initiated Me into the laws of soul life and into the Divine Essence. While My body lied in a stone coffin used in initiations, I stayed in Mergence with the Highest…

“I was given a choice: to remain in the Light and not return into the body — or to come back; to come back and become a Guide, to restore for people the knowledge which I perceived in the Purity of the Great Origin of Everything. I chose the second, because this choice was already made by Me as the purpose of all My life.

“I decided to create a system of initiations different than this mystical ‘whirlpool’ that I had to go through.

“… Many years passed before I had the possibility to create the School… I was taken captive among priests when Persian invaders came to Egypt and other countries.

“During the years of captivity, I strengthened My Mergence with the Primordial Light in the conditions hard for the body.

“In those years I studied also other religious rituals and sciences… I devised mentally the project of the School which I realized later in Croton.”

* * *

“Divine justice is not such as people imagine it. Nothing wrong comes to the life of man but only that which must come: what he attracted by his thoughts and past deeds.

“God is the Creator of these Laws! And no affliction can fall unjustly upon man! The burden of calamities cannot be above man’s strength! And there can be no undeserved, unneeded joy; only self-conceit, self-pity, and envy see it so in others!

“The justice of God is great: man receives and partakes of the fruit which he himself sowed and grew. The result can be bitter, but man can grow other qualities in himself to make the fruit sweet and beautiful!”