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Sulia is a Sufi woman. Men’s qualities of character — energy, leadership, fieriness! — in a strong female body.

She looked so in Her last incarnation. And now She appears before us as most tender Divine Fire, arising from the Universal Depths: Power and Love dissolving us in Themselves!

“Tell us please about Yourself.”

“Everything is Allah! And there are no other Gods besides Him! One day, the Light of Allah came into My heart — and never left it. I was a Conveyor of Allah’s Will: He spoke and acted through My body in My last incarnation.”

“Where had You incarnated before?”

“It does matter! A Sufi, if he or she is worthy, is born a second time* in the Abode of the Beloved — and completes the path in its Depths! Therefore, the homeland and the final asylum of such a Sufi is Allah’s Abode!

“… I was a Grand Master’s student. Allah gave Me a male body in that incarnation, and I devoted Myself completely to the apprenticeship: to cognition of Beloved Allah!

“Grand Master is a true Master! Learning from Him was the greatest happiness!

“… At the age of 23, Allah called Me into Him — and the ‘vacation time’ came: the time of rest from earthly life.

“During the ‘vacation’, I was writing works on the fundamentals of Islam through several embodied students. These works exist to the present day in the libraries of Kazakhstan.

“My next incarnation, the last one, was in the eighteenth century in Kazakhstan. I was guided again by My Grand Master: He conveyed the Will of Allah through My body…

“… And now, after returning finally to the Abode of the Beloved, I continue working in Kazakhstan — in that part of it where there are museums, archives, and scientists who study Islam.

“It was Me Who suggested to you e-mail sending to Kazakhstan’s people with the purpose of informing about our knowledge.”

“Is there any result of that sending?”

“There is no quick result. The youth got interested, but scientists did not. They did not treat this knowledge as true Islam. I will continue introducing our knowledge among young people. As for the adults… they proved unpromising.

“Meat based nutrition results in dullness and inertia of minds! The consciousness loses its agility. Meat eating is an affliction of the contemporary Islam!

“It is extremely important to spread our knowledge among the youth! As the youth grow, one may try to clean up in these people the Eye of Allah! One has to connect a human soul with Allah, and this makes an Eye of Allah! Then Allah manifests Himself through such a soul — and a spiritual oasis forms around it.

“The love, kindled in hearts, will direct minds to searching for the Creator!”

“Sulia, will You please narrate how do You experience Yourself?”

“Who am I, Sulia?…

“I experience only the Greatness of Allah, His Infinite Translucent Calm!

“And when He looks at the Creation — Divine Goldish Streams run from the Depths, Streams of various hues and soundings. One of them sounds with the name Sulia.

“Learn experiencing yourselves so in Mahadoubles. Learn being blissful!

“I feel unceasing Bliss: Allah is inside Me and around… At any moment, I can make a step backward and dissolve in the Primordial Calm… Or to make a step forward — and again Sulia as a Goldish Wave brings the Love and Will of Allah to the Creation!

“… In order to attain this, one has to leave the ‘islet’ of the body and move to the Ocean of Allah to live there! When the body does not carry the burden of the ‘I’, Allah can live in it.

“One has to impregnate the body with the Bliss of the Creator’s Abode and then — to dissolve, disappear! Allah enters from within — and one dissolves in Him…

“To accomplish this, one has to rid the consciousness of everything that is not love: only love is capable of dissolution!…

“… Listen! I will whisper to you flaming words… And you, listening to Me, attune yourself to the rhythm of the Great Whole, to the Breathing of His Beingness… — so that the nectar of the Divine Love will not be spilled and the phrases will not break up into separate words and momentary thoughts, so that the soul will become filled with sounding and meaning of the Truth and your heart will unite with the Life of the Primordial Heart, Whose name is Allah!

“The fire of passion cannot burn the soul kindled with love for Allah!

“The whirlpools of life cannot seize the soul moving to the Primordial Ocean!

“In the desert, the source of life will create an oasis, which will emanate fragrance, stream life-giving currents of love; it will blossom and give fruits!

“In the fire of the spiritual heart — a human soul becomes naked!

“In the purity of love — she appears before her Beloved!

“And for her there is nothing but the Beloved!

“She is always before Him!

“Her hands caress Him,

“And she does not take her eyes off Him.

“The only light for her is the Light of His Love!

“His Light makes her eyes shine,

“His words of Love flows through her mouth,

“The hearts unite —

“And there remains nothing but Him!

“He fills with unspeakable bliss those,

“Who became one in Him!

“… The life of every one of you has to be full of Me!

“You have to fill your lives with Me — more and more fully!

“Where I appear — grief and destruction go away!

“As I am gradually superseding all remnants of everything ‘earthly’ and perishable in your lives, they will be becoming one whole with My Life.”

 Shine! Give! Love!

Don’t be afraid of giving love!

Don’t be afraid of shining with joy!

I am with you, always with you!

I am standing behind you!


Come into Me! Come to My Light!

Be glad: you are not alone!

And the dawn of My Love

Will follow you!


Even as the spring sun wakes up the souls —

So you should shine!

Even as gentle wind caresses trees —

So you should become a living Care!


Like tender fragrance of flowers —

Give the aroma of love to everything living!

Be a Messenger of My Love! Be with Me!

Shine! Give! Love!


(Revelation from Sulia,

written down by Nikolai Kvasnitsa

in December 2005)