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“Sun loves every living being!

“Sun awakes your heart!”

Surya. From conversation with Her.


“There was culture in Russia when the cordial love was the norm of life, not an exception. The Atmic component of the multidimensional human organism was included into one’s life from the very beginning. And the states of harmony and subtlety, in which people lived, allowed accumulating this valuable potential of the soul very quickly*.

“In this way everyone developed in a series of incarnations until it was time for full realization of this potential in Mergence with God-the-Father — Svarog. And the methods of realization of this Mergence where also known. Schools of soul, where students were taught cognition of the Creator, existed near settlements, and there was ‘soft’ interaction of the spiritual adepts with people.

“All this was natural. Some people after completing school go to university, some others naturally want to create families and work the land — it was the same in that time: someone chose the earthly love, while another sought cognition of the Creator in love for Him. At that, there was no disdain toward those who were not mature enough to choose the latter — as it is in a loving family where all children of different age are friendly with each other, love their parents and each other.

“The life of people was a ‘biblical Eden’, where there are no difficulties and sorrows. But look: the people of hatred, when an affliction befalls them, take revenge on others to make them, too, feel bad. On the contrary, people of the opposite pole — the people of love — if affliction befalls them, continue living in order to help others to avoid this problem! This is the secret of the earthly happiness!

“… My father was the elder of our community. Wisely and calmly he helped people who lived under his guidance — under the guidance of not a cruel tyrant, but of a loving, caring father. People went to him to ask advice and help.

“When it was time for Me to decide whom My heart chooses, My look of the soul was directed to the Sun. And My father took Me to a School where they initiated into cognition of the world of Spirit, of the world of God.

“The Sun was a symbol of Svarog. And every student had to learn to kindle the Light of Divine Love first inside the body, then — within the Earth; after that the stage of Mergence with ‘Sun-Svarog’ followed.

“What can compare to the Shining of Svarog in His Abode?!”

… And now Divine Surya stands over the surface of the Earth in a beautiful female appearance! Her non-material Sun shines from Her chest and from the ‘Heart of the Absolute’. From there She stretches also Her Arms of Love!

“Surya, You incarnated then from the state of Divinity?”

“Yes, several times, always in Russia…

“The last time was when nothing had remained of the ancient traditions, even in legends and songs…

“I lived in the forest, in a small house… Only the one of pure soul could find the way to it… I healed people and taught the science of soul to very few, tried to reestablish the tradition of forest schools of Assyris… From Myself-Light, I created fields in which My students accustomed themselves to new states… Yes, any place of power I could created with Myself-Consciousness. Then I taught the students how to achieve these states by oneself, by one’s own efforts.

“The students capable of comprehending this were very few, just a few people.

“I helped also those who did not see Me. At any distance I could manifest Myself on the surface of the planet coming from the Ocean of Svarog

“I also paid much attention to mothers and small children: I wanted very much to help those who, perhaps, would be able to live in the Light of God, in harmony and love…

“Sometimes I was called to deliver a baby. Easy to use anesthesia was raising of mother’s kundalini energy to her body and filling with it the bodies of the mother and of the child. This not only made the childbirth easy, but also awoke the sleeping energies of the souls. And such souls gained large possibilities of growth…

“Healing children, adults, old people, I always tried to teach them the basic methods of helping oneself and others… I taught them to shine with a sun from the chest, taught them the love for nature, taught the great healing powers of nature …

“… Incarnation of an Avatar is always a sacrifice: joyful, volitional… It means giving Oneself to people. Avatars come to those who have forgotten what love is… They, like Doctors, come to heal sick souls…

“I learned a lot at that time: I invented many methods that allow Me now to help those who… unfortunately almost do not feel this help…

“… My forest Sun shines always! Come to Me!”

“Please do not leave! Tell in more detail: what methods of development of consciousness You used in Your work with students?”

“We worked a lot at sunrise, using the rising of the sun. We learned to be the sunlight, to shine with sunrays from the spiritual hearts.

“What does the majority of people do in the morning? The answer is simple — they sleep! But if man — even once in the life! — watched a sunrise consciously, leaving his warm bed and cozy home for this purpose, if he, overwhelmed with delight, one-to-one with the rising sun, watched the sunrise and not just saw it, then probably he lived his earthly life not in vain!

“We used the same methods of work with consciousness as you do; we just expressed them in different words.”

“Tell us please more details about how you worked.”

“The best time to begin such work is spring and summer. Usually we chose the place for meditation beforehand: it could be a glade in the forest, or a bank of a forest lake or river, or a high hill.

“We came out before the sunrise and walked to the intended place, immersing ourselves into the morning quietness.

“Have you ever noticed how wonderful the quietness before the sunrise is? Almost all living beings sleep the peaceful sleep. Nothing disturbs the quietness of the early morning…

“One needs to be able to listen to the quietness, to become filled with it and be it! It is an important component of the spiritual development of man!

“For example, if at sunrise in the forest one begins to listen to the quietness of the space around with the ‘ears of the soul’ or, to be more precise, with the ‘ears of the spiritual heart’, one can become an absolute quietness.

“When inside you there is only quietness — the lower self turns into ‘nothing’: nothing of it disturbs the quietness and harmony of the world around! In such quietness one may hear everything: from soft murmuring of a forest brook, whispering of leaves on trees, warm breathing of sleeping animals… — to the most confidential mysteries of the Creation. In this quietness one may hear the Voice of God, one may ask questions and receive answers…”

… With my spiritual heart I merge with Surya; I feel only the tenderness and warm of Her Love… I submerge through Her DivineBody of the Consciousness into the Abode of Svarog… And then, having dissolved completely in the Primordial Consciousness, I begin to rise together with Surya as the Light of the Creator’s Love…

“There is,” Surya tells me after the end of the meditation, “only One ‘I’ of the Ocean of Consciousness of the Creator, where everything is clear to every One, where the only language that every One speaks is the language of Love. There, every One gives Oneself, One’s Love — to All: to the One Creator!

“The essence of the Divine Beingness is very simple: Harmony and Love!

“But only he becomes One with the Creator who not just achieved His Abode and learned to live in it, but He Who comes out from it to incarnate beings, manifesting the Creator, being Him. This is completion of the full cycle of development. Many Those who attained the Abode incarnated again with the Mission of Service — in order to achieve this completeness, this fullness of the Divine State. You know many such examples. Thus incarnated I, too.”