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We are approaching a big hill overgrown with birches, located among sphagnum swamps in the fir forest. Even at the foot of the hill, one can feel “gaps” leading to the higher spatial dimensions and perceive very well the boundaries between the eons, which can be likened to membranes between strata of water and transparent oil contained in the same vessel. On this place, it is very convenient to acquaint beginner students with realities of the multidimensional structure of the Absolute.

Yet, the most interesting thing is seen behind the top of the hill. There a Divine Soul shines like a rising Divine Sun!

We enter with our bodies into It, dissolve by the souls in Its Bliss!…

Then we begin to become acquainted.

“My name is Yamamata. I am from the Land of the rising sun, from the northern part of the Japanese archipelago: from the Kurils. I was incarnated there at the time when the Kurils were not a part of the country of Japan.

“Japan is called the Land of the rising sun. And I developed Myself as a Sun rising from the ocean — as if from ‘the edge of the Earth’.”

“Were You related to the Divine Emperor of Japan?”

“No. I was incarnated centuries before Him. And I am not related in any way to the art of sword.

“… Our community lived as one family. We worshipped the sun — as a personification of God. And we learned to merge with it — as with a Divine Soul. First, we would spread by the spiritual hearts over the ocean, then turn ourselves into an image of the sun — above the horizon or behind, below it. And from that point — as you know: there remains only one little step to the Abode of the Creator.”

“What would You advise us?”

“You hearth is growing for all people of the Earth! And it warms already the hearts of many people! Do not fade away, as an earthly fire may fade! Let the Celestial Flame of the Father, His Divine Light shine through you for all the Earth! I will help you! I will act through your bodies!

“Pay attention those people who can shine like Me!

“My Sun rises for those who are devoted in their hearts to Me.

“If a heart is open to Me completely, My Sun can enter it — and such a heart begins to shine with My Light.”