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One day, many years ago, we were walking the forest trail guided by Jesus. Suddenly, we found ourselves in front of a pyramid of Living Divine Light-Fire! Another Divine Teacher!

We greeted Him and asked:

“What is Your name?”


… Yasin-God… I remember this name from fairy tales… This name sounds like the Russian word yasny — which means pure, clear

… Later, many times we enjoyed being in the Mahadouble of Yasin, attuning with Him… Years later we found two other Mahadoubles of His, situated several tens of kilometers away from the first one. One of them was on the place of a former Finnish house… and another one on a large glade in the forest.

On these places, we many times learned to be the Divine Fire and cleansed our bodies from It…

… Now, long after our first acquaintance with Yasin, we are visiting Him again in order to ask Him to relate about how He developed spiritually: from an ordinary human to that Divine Yasin Whom we know now.

Yasin offers:

“Let’s go!”

… We walk as large anthropomorphic consciousnesses along the road among fields flooded with sunlight. One can “walk” touching the road with the feet, one can “walk” over it, or one can “walk” under the road: a refined consciousness easily passes through material objects including “earth’s matter”…

Yasin reminds us how in the past He taught us moving in the Clear Light with the help of the arms of consciousness. The palms of such arms, which can be of any length, we can feel in the place where we want to appear. Than we shorten the arms — and appear with the spiritual hearts in that place… It works so because a spiritual heart is located between the arms that grow from it…

Such training on moving in space can help remarkably to accustom oneself to be a pure consciousness free from the physical body and, in general, from dependence on the world of matter.

Yasin taught then:

“Imagine that your body has died. And you continue to be! You can exist well without it!”

… Also one could swim through the body from any side as many times as one likes, seek in it energetical disorders and fix them was the hands…

Yasin taught:

“The body has to become as transparent as the Consciousness of the Primordial Plane is. Then it does not impede growth of the consciousness in the Primordial Plane…”

… Why the work inside Divine Mahadoubles is so important for us? Not only because of the possibility of easy communication with God! But also because here the Divine Consciousness manifests Itself much more intensively. Also because in such places it is quite easy to attune with It, to merge by becoming It, to accustom oneself to being It, thus “crystallizing” oneself in It.

It is not by chance that the Divine Teachers call such places, where their Mahadoubles are present, — working sites.

Realization of the Mergence with God begins with Mergence with concrete Divine Teachers. And one can learn this most easily inside Their Mahadoubles.

Let me repeat the same in other words: if I enter into Him completely and perceive neither my material body nor the material plane in general, nor other planes except for the Divine Consciousness — then this represents that very Mergence though in a small volume of space.

Then this volume can be increased up to the universal scales if one continues training …

… And now Yasin continues:

“I incarnated in ancient Russia long before the coming of Christianity, incarnated several times.

“My Service was not limited only to helping people from My incarnate state: I helped them always.

“I began My Service on this land when people lived there as tribes-communities not united by some power into one country. I worked with them by conveying to them the ideas needed for correct development through tales and beliefs, by suggesting right thoughts, by supporting in them good emotions — especially in their leaders, elders — in those who were respected by people, whom people followed. In this way, I influenced the outlook of the nation, formed the characters of people.

“In that ancient time, this land was inhabited by people of quite different character than that of the modern citizens of Russia. Their main qualities were calm, nonviolence, kindness. They could live among nature and interact with it very harmoniously. And nature provided them with everything they needed. It was the harmony of interaction with nature that was one of the fundamental components of their culture of life.

“Such interaction with nature and kind, nonviolent attitude toward others helped these people to grow with the experience of happiness and joy of life. And benevolence, mutual understanding, tenderness and caress in relationships with each other did not allow ‘dirtying’ the souls with negative emotions and hostility — what burdens the destiny.

“After all, the happiness in life is ensured not at all by technical achievements of civilization. These tribes did not have even a tiny part of the modern technical achievements; in many aspects their life was much more difficult. Nevertheless, they lived with the feeling of freedom and happiness — in contrast to the modern Russians.

“The life of people in the modern technocratic society became ‘fettered’, and is far from happiness and freedom. And the reason for this is found in the desire of people to ensure, first of all, the material aspect of their lives; they hope that it is the material wealth that leads to happiness.

“Yet, happiness — by its very nature — originates not from something outer, but from the inner. Happiness is a state of soul. Therefore, only he can be happy who lives not by concerns of the body, but by true aspirations of the soul.

“Let Me repeat that the ancient Russians had values different from those of the morning society: harmony of communication with nature, nonviolence in relationships with each other, respect for the freedom of everyone — this made them happy, free people…

“… One of My last incarnations was on the territory of modern Kostroma region.

“At that time, this land was inhabited by beautiful people — pure souls. Their outer appearance was very beautiful as well: harmoniously shaped bodies, light slightly curly hair, eyes in which one could see purity, clearness, deepness.

“They lived in communities comprising several families. They lived simply and purely, in harmony with nature. It was a norm of their life.”

“Yasin, where is Your name from? I read that Yasin is an Arabian name. Were You incarnated among Arabs?”

“No, but I like all Arabs, too, as My children. And I am always ready to help them to cognize God: Allah, Svarog, Heavenly Father — it is just the words that are different, but the essence is one.

“The name Yasin means Clear Light. It is this Light that I cognized and that I became when attained Mergence with the Creator”.

“Yasin, You have not told us about how You cognized the Creator…”

“It was in one of My incarnations, when I was brought by Svarog* to one of His forest schools*.

“First, we were taught to dissolve in the energy fields of plants — spring birches, ashes, poplars; then — to let the light of the morning sun into the chest and to fill with it the chakras, to move it through the main meridians. ‘Sunny’ purity had to feel the entire body, making it shining and almost transparent, — then the student could move further.

“And then our work was similar to yours: we learned to spread with the spiritual hearts over the lakes and fields, disappearing in the quietness of the forest …

“Then we cognized the Brahmanic and all other strata of the Absolute — with the help of Assyris and other Divine Teachers.

“And on the higher, final stages we had to fill with ourselves the image of a Tree, whose branches stretch into the material plane, and the trunk goes through the subtle spatial dimensions; then we with the consciousnesses grew, like roots, in the layer adjacent to the Abode of the Creator.

“And what was then — you may understand yourself very well.

“… This is My biography. Is everything clear for you?”

“Thank You! Yes!”