The Aquarian Age
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God says:

“The Aquarian Age is the epoch of new knowledge pouring like Holy Water onto the Earth from the Creator.

“It is the knowledge about God, about man, about the meaning of human life on the Earth and the ways of its realization.

“The personal direct cognition of the Creator in His various Manifestations and Mergence with Him is the ultimate goal of all positively evolving human souls!

“The Aquarian Age brings happiness not to all people but only to those actually transforming themselves in accordance with the directions of God.”

* * *

Specifically, God wants that we learn to live:

— without violence over others, with striving to avoid harming other beings as much as possible,

— with understanding that we live on the Earth not for the sake of ourselves, but for the sake of participating in His Evolution — the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness,

— without negative emotions; and that we master, for this purpose, the art of psychic self-regulation in its modern form based on opening and development of the spiritual heart,

— having the interests of other positively developing people above our own interests, dedicating our lives to helping others in everything good, sacrificing for this purpose our personal interests,

— with the understanding that all people are equal before God and between themselves — independent of the national and sexual differences; people differ, however, by the level of their spiritual advancement, the criteria of such an advancement are the qualities mentioned above.

* * *

Many times God gave His commandments and precepts to people through Pythagoras, Krishna, Lao Tse, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Sathya Sai Baba, and many Others. He continues to give His precepts today through people who have approached Him by the qualities of souls.

One has to understand that every one of us always remains under the direct supervision of God and that it is God who determines the ways of our destinies — in accordance to how we build our relationships with Him. Therefore, we can achieve well-being in all aspects of our lives, including health, only by following His Teachings.

* * *

There is a belief that when the Aquarian Age comes all people of the Earth will find themselves in a blissful “fourth dimension”… This is an “incompetent opinion”, to put it mildly…

In total, there are 7 spatial dimensions (eons, lokas). They cannot be studied with physical devices. Yet all of them can be cognized with a developed human consciousness.

Among these dimensions are hell, paradise, the eons filled with “building material” for formation of matter and souls, and also the eons of the Holy Spirit (Brahman) and the Creator (God-the-Father, the Primordial Consciousness).

By using the freedom of will, people chose — consciously or not — in what eon they live now and after disembodiment.

People who accustomed themselves to living in coarse emotional states settle in hell.

Those living in harmony and tender love come to paradise. If such people in addition dedicated their lives to serving God and sincerely choose Him as the Main Beloved — they have a chance to cognize Him and to merge into Him as consciousnesses. (Apostle Philip, a personal disciple of Jesus Christ, wrote about this in His Gospel).


It is important to understand that no one can advance toward this Goal without making personal spiritual efforts. Jesus said (Luke 16:16) that only those making such efforts cognize the Kingdom of God (that is, the Abode of the Creator).

Let us study this Path and walk it!

* * *

Who can be called pure people and who — dirty people?

To find the correct answer to this question let us remember that man is not a body, man is a soul, consciousness. We wear material bodies only for a time, like work clothes — so that we may develop in them.

And our inner states are determined by emotions. Emotions are states of consciousness.

Therefore those who habitually live in such dirty emotions as condemnation, irritation and dissatisfaction with others, haughtiness, disdain, jealousy, envy, dejection, anxiety — they are dirty people.

And those living in subtle and pure emotions of tender love and quiet joy are pure people.

The destiny of the former is hell.

The destiny of the latter is paradise or even higher eons.

What do we want to chose? And what do we need to do to realize our right choice?

It is these questions that we discuss on the pages of this site.

It is also important to understand that no rituals, conjurations, prayers, pilgrimage, etc can help in this case. Only conscious work on transformation of oneself can help. How? — Through efforts on studying the Will of God in relation to us and on correcting oneself, in particular, with the help of methods of psychic self-regulation, which are developed and described by us in detail and even shown in our films.

* * *

In order to develop spiritually one needs the following:

1. To study the Teachings of God given to us through God’s Messengers (Messiahs, Avatars) and other sages.

2. To aspire to maximum realization of the ethical precepts of God. This implies, first of all, to refuse, when possible, all forms of causing harm to living beings.

In particular, using the bodies of animals for food is incompatible with spiritual progress; God many times spoke about this (see below).

Also one needs to understand that aggressiveness, hostile attitude toward other people based on any suitable reason are the qualities of hellish people.

3. To master the methods of psychic self-regulation with the emphasis on the development of the spiritual heart. This allows one to transform radically the emotional sphere, to rid oneself of the negative emotions, which lead people to hell and destroy one’s own health and the health of people around.

Only that person who has a developed spiritual heart and lives in it is capable of maintaining constantly the inner harmony! Only such a person has the possibility to approach — by the state of the soul — the Creator!


It is the spiritual heart that is the structure in the human organism producing the whole spectrum of the emotions of love. He who learned to live always in the spiritual heart, such a person — as a consciousness — transforms gradually into love. And God, according to the definition given by Jesus Christ, is Love. Love merges with Love — thus ends successfully the individual evolution of the human soul. And then — such a Soul continues to live as an Integral Part of the Primordial Consciousness.

Thanks to special methods used on this stage of development, man can achieve purity of the energy structures of the organism and their correct functioning accordingly. This helps to solve many problems with health.


The bioenergetical purity is necessary also because one can enter the subtlest — that is Divine — eons of the multidimensional space only from the thoroughly purified body.

4. To learn to attune with the harmony of living nature, especially at the time of dawn and at sunrise. At this time, nature gives us the most subtle states; it teaches us sattva — the inner harmony, purity.

After all, God in the aspect of the Creator (Primordial Consciousness) is the most subtle form of consciousness. And in order to cognize Him, we have to follow the path of refinement of ourselves as consciousnesses. To cognize the Creator, abandoning the coarse emotions is not enough: one needs also to perform significant work on transforming oneself; we will discuss it later.

5. To serve God through spiritual help to other people. This is one of the conditions under which God allows us to approach His Abode. He says (see below) that everyone is given boons according to how much good that person makes to others.


6. To cognize then the higher stages of spiritual advancement, which are mastered through the methods of meditative development of consciousness. The basis of these methods is further growth of oneself as a spiritual heart. This work is performed under the guidance of Divine Teachers — Representatives of the Creator, Holy Spirits (in aggregate, They are called the Holy Spirit).

7. “The original right of the soul is to become one with the Father!” — in these words Jesus Christ precisely and laconically described the meaning of human life.

Having realized this goal, the Perfect Ones continue Their work on our planet acting not on behalf of individual human ‘I’ but on behalf of the Higher ‘I’ of God. This ‘I’ can be called also the ‘United We’ of all the truly Perfect Ones living in the primordial eon — the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness.

* * *

The Evolution of the Universal Consciousness takes place in the material organic bodies on the planets suitable for this purpose. God incarnates in these bodies the evolving units of consciousness (souls). The most important part of the path of such a development is the life in human bodies, when correct and quick growth is possible only providing one’s adequate understanding of everything said above and providing the correct use of one’s freedom of will (the freedom of making decisions when choosing the life path).

So, we live on the Earth not by chance and not for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of God. We are evolving parts of the Universal Consciousness.

This is why He is concerned about how we live. This is why He punishes us showing thus His discontent when we behave wrong. And He lavishes His love on us, touches us with His Bliss — when we behave as He likes.


The necessary theoretical knowledge and all the needed methods of self-development are presented in our days to all people of the Earth in fullness, in simple, understandable for everyone form. You can read about this on the pages of this site, see in our films and other materials.

Now every person, having become acquainted with them, has the right to accept these gifts of the Creator or to refuse them.

Let us note the following: Jesus taught, “The Kingdom of God is within us” (Luke 17:21). What does “within” mean? It means — within the developed, cleansed and large spiritual heart. We know how this can be achieved and wish to gift this knowledge to you.

Those who master everything said above gain the ability of direct communication with God (to see and hear God), the ability to attune by the consciousness with Him and to merge with Him. And then one can realize another postulate of Jesus: “The Father is in Me — He does the work” (John 14:10).

We wish success to everyone entered on the Straight Path to the Creator!