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Thus Spoke Buddha*

This is the chapter from the book
"Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present"

Published by CreateSpace, 2008

ISBN: 978-1438287485

© Antonov V.V., 2008

1. Take the precept to abstain from killing.

2. Take the precept to abstain from stealing.

3. Take the precept to abstain from adultery.

4. Take the precept to abstain from lying.

5. Take the precept to abstain from liquor.

And did the thought never occur to you that you also are subject to decay, that you also cannot escape it?

And did the thought never occur to you that you also are subject to disease, that you also cannot escape it?

And did the thought never occur to you that you also are subject to death, that you also cannot escape it?

Not for the sake of My own well-being I practice universal benevolence, but… it is My desire to contribute to the happiness of living beings!

Do not do to others what would make you suffer if done to you!

Goodwill towards all beings is the true religion!

Cherish in your hearts boundless goodwill towards all that lives!

You must not worry, your mouth must not say evil words; you must remain benevolent, with pure loving hearts, thinking no evil.

And even your enemies you have to embrace with loving thoughts, generous thoughts, deep and boundless thoughts purified from anger and hatred!

The distinctive signs of a true religion are goodwill, love, truthfulness, purity, nobility of feeling, and kindness.

Immortality can be reached only by continuous acts of kindness; Perfection is accomplished by compassion and charity.

That which is most needed is a loving heart!

“I am being hated, mistrusted, misunderstood and deceived by others!” — the one who harbors such thoughts in the mind can never become free from the causes which inflict their destructiveness upon the thinker.*

Whatever harm one man may do to another, the evil-thinking mind inflicts even greater harm (upon its owner).

Evil… is born of the selfhood*, and in the selfhood is its cause.

Evil “polishes” the universe like a diamond…

I teach you to avoid the ten evils:

1. Do not kill, but have regard for life!

2. Do not steal, but help everyone to be master of the fruits of his or her labor!

3. Abstain from impurity in everything, and keep a life of chastity!

4. Do not lie, but be truthful! Speak the truth with discretion, fearlessly, and with a loving heart!

5. Do not invent evil rumors, and do not repeat them! Do not carp, but look for the good sides of your fellow-beings, so that you may with sincerity defend them against their enemies!

6. Do not swear, but speak decently and with dignity!

7. Do not waste the time in gossip, but keep to the purpose or keep silence!

8. Do not covet another’s property, do not envy, but rejoice at the happiness of others!

9. Cleanse yourself of malice, do not hate even your enemies, but embrace all living beings with kindness!

10. Free your mind of ignorance and be anxious to learn the truth, especially in what is really needed — for you not to fall a prey either of your own skepticism or errors!

Let no one deceive another, let no one despise another, let no one wish to harm another out of anger or resentment!

1. Do not kill!

2. Do not steal!

3. Do not commit adultery!

4. Do not tell lies!

5. Do not slander!

6. Do not speak harshly!

7. Do not engage in idle talks!

8. Do not covet others’ property!

9. Do not show hatred!

10. Think righteously!


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