Practices of the Modern Hesychasm
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Practices of the Modern Hesychasm

Vladimir Antonov

Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

This is the chapter from the book
"Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present"

Published by CreateSpace, 2008

ISBN: 978-1438287485

© Antonov V.V., 2008

We know from many prophets that in the spiritual life of our planet, Russia will play a particularly outstanding role. Now this time has come. The work of a small group of Russian scientists-monks and their associates resulted in gaining comprehensive knowledge about the nature of God, about the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, the meaning of our lives, and the methods of its realization.

The members of this group themselves went the entire path of cognition of God in the aspects of the Creator, the Absolute, the Holy Spirit. Their Teachers were and are now Jesus Christ, Sathya Sai Baba, Krishna, Babaji from Haidakhan, Huang Di, Ptahotep, Assyris, and many other Representatives of God-the-Father.

The science has united with religion. A new direction of science was formed — the Methodology of Spiritual Development. And the Will of God is that this knowledge will become available for the whole humanity. It shall bring to an end the hostility of people to each other and unite them in a really worthy work — in growing spiritually together, in helping each and everyone in everything good, independently of national, sexual, and other individual features.

This group of experts has published dozens of books and produced methodological films. This is yet another book written by a direct instruction of God.


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