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Compiled by Vladimir Antonov

This are the chapters from the book
"Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present"

Published by CreateSpace, 2008

ISBN: 978-1438287485

© Antonov V.V., 2008

Throughout the millennia of existence of the human civilizations on the Earth, many spiritual seekers who had been searching for our common Creator and following His Teaching attained complete success on this Path and merged with Him having become Divine Themselves.

Now They, as Parts of One Universal God-the-Father, help us — people who have not finished their personal evolution yet. Sometimes They even incarnate again into human bodies and become Avatars, Christs, Messiahs — so They are called in different languages.

The life and activity of some of Them are still fresh in the memory of large numbers of people. Among Them are Huang Di, Krishna, Chaytanya, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and His apostles, Babaji and some of His Students (Lahiri Mahasaya, Yukteswar, Yogananda), Juan Matus and His friend Genaro, Rajneesh (Osho), and also Sathya Sai Baba and David Copperfield Who work now on the Earth in material bodies.

There are only vague memories left in legends about some other Divine Teachers. They are Surya (“Goddess of sun” of ancient Aryans), Assyris (“God of sun” of ancient Assyrians, He also worked on the land of ancient Russia), Lada (the Goddess Whom ancient Slavs believed to be the patroness of the hearth).

There are some historical personalities described in literature Who have also attained Divinity, but only few people know about Them. Among Them are, for example, Ptahotep (we got to know Him thanks to the book of Elisabeth Haich*) and also Elisabeth Herself.

Here we present conversations with some Divine Teachers Who participated in the development of a modern scientific-spiritual School created by a Russian scientist Vladimir Antonov, the founder of a new branch of science — Methodology of Spiritual Development.

* * *

The following basic information can help to understand the material of the book better:

1. The universal space is really multidimensional. Its dimensions (eons, lokas) differ by the degree of subtlety-coarseness of the energies which fill them. The most subtle dimension is the Abode of the Creator. Very close to it is the dimension of paradise. The most coarse dimension is hell.

2. Consciousnesses (souls) of incarnate and non-incarnate beings abide in various dimensions, which can be likened to the “storeys” of the multidimensional universe. The higher is the level of evolutionary development of a particular soul the closer to the Creator this soul is.

3. The meaning of our lives consists in conscious development of oneself with the purpose of becoming closer (in the quality of the consciousness) to the Creator and entering the Highest loka. Merging with the Primordial Consciousness of the Creator, enriching Him with oneself constitutes the positive accomplishment of the personal evolution of this soul.

“And remember: an essential right of a soul is to become one with the Father!” God teaches us (see below).