Commentaries to the Above Material
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Commentaries to the Above Material

Vladimir Antonov

Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

© Antonov V.V., 2008

This material is not a novel that can be read once and put away then. This is a textbook composed of precepts, pieces of advice, directions for all of us from God and His students who really achieved the highest stages of spiritual development. One has to read it many times. The point is that no one can, after the first reading, understand all the profound meaning of God’s advice: information is received a layer by layer, more and more deeply as one understands more superficial ‘layers’. Everyone can become convinced in this by following this advice.

This material is from God and He — omnipresent — is always willing to help us in our spiritual endeavors. But it would be better if we, on our side, accept and feel Him as our real Teacher and Guide. For this purpose, it is good to ask Him for help when working with such texts. He will help us to realize the most important for us at present His pieces of advice; He will draw our attention to those citations which are most important for us now and which we may not notice, thinking for example that “these words are not related to me”.

Reading of such material can be the means of “submitting oneself” to God so that He may help us better. Another means of “submitting oneself” is contemplation about the read material when we are alone in nature, best of all when walking a trail in the forest, steppe, fields. Another means is discussions with companions. The forth means is attempts to describe it to other people: in this way we can know people better and strengthen our own understanding.

In addition, we will become convinced that by following these pieces of advice on nutrition, on relationships with other people, on the practice of cleansing and meditative exercises we can achieve a significant acceleration of our advancement in understanding the commandments of God and in spiritual transformation.

There are two means of work with such materials. The first one is to read them completely time and time again, writing down the most important statements, then reading them and “imprinting” these principles in ourselves. Another way is to ask God for help and to open that part of the text which He helps us to open; and then to read those paragraphs whereat He directs our eyes. It makes sense to combine both these means.

It is convenient to address God by addressing a concrete Divine Teacher. All They are equal; all They are One. There are no contradictions among Them. If we are worthy — that is if we make real efforts and progress in spiritual transformation of ourselves — then we deserve Their constant attention. But let us not beg God too much about solving our earthly problems: by doing this we will become students not of God but of spirits who like to play tricks on people, very ill tricks sometimes. They even call themselves by the names of Divine Teachers… All this happens by the Will of God and indicates that we went astray the Path pointed by Him and that He refuses to be our Guide.

The criterion for judging that we communicate with God and not with spirits-jokers is that the information we receive corresponds ethically to the teachings described in the books which were really received from God.

Once we become God’s students, we soon begin to hear His voice, to perceive His thoughts, to see the faces of our Divine Teachers.

In the conclusion, let me note that God willingly helps us only in the work of development of ourselves as souls, as consciousnesses. It is help in this work and not the material well-being that we should ask from Him. He may help with the latter — but only those who became His real students. “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and the rest will be given to you,” taught Jesus Christ. Let it be so in our lives!

* * *

John Lennon once told us:

“When we were unknown boys and created our music, we lived as if we are going to conquer the entire world tomorrow.

“It is such daring of thought that you miss, though you have much more rights than we had!

“We lived with a bright feeling that tomorrow the entire world will be at our feet! It was an aspiration filled with power and self-confidence! We lived as winners and we became them! The world yielded to four daring and courageous men who wanted to fill people’s hearts with new wave of music of freedom and love! The world began to live with our ideas, our songs, our music! The freedom of our ideas won the minds of people; our music began to sound on all continents!

“We lived as winners, as messengers of the freedom! Though no one of us knew the True Freedom at that time, this state of the souls created our future!

“Feel yourselves those who were sent to the world to change it! It must be done not some day in the future but right now, today! Every day of your lives has to become transforming for the world, bringing a new Divine Wave to it!

“You have to do it right now and not to wait that some day in the future under the debris of computer trash of the 21st century the researchers of antiquity will find your works and exclaim with surprise: ‘Oh! It was discovered at that time!…’.

“You have to give to people right now a life-giving wave of the ideas of Freedom, Love, and the Path of Spiritual Heart!

“Feel the Power of God that comes through you — and allow realizing His plan with the help of your spiritual group. Become filled with daring confidence that you can accomplish this!”

* * *

Though we always seek communication with Divine Teachers, we had many meetings with interesting people during the years of our studentship from God. Pushkin, Gorky, Talkov, Vysotsky, Lennon, doctors, travelers, writers, poets, musicians…

The writer Akifiniev asked to mention about his truly remarkable book on the ethics of nutrition (Vegetarianism from the Biological Standpoint, Ekaterinoslav, 1914)…

The academician Krusenstern wished that contemporary people know that he and Vasco da Gama is the same person in different incarnations…

One day, when we were working in the forest on a place where we usually meet the Divine Lutherans, we had an unexpected chance to converse with the founder of the Lutheran church — Martin Luther.

A non-incarnate person, we had never met before, appeared before us.

“Who are you?”

“Martin Luther First,” he joked, meaning that there was another Martin Luther — a fighter for the rights of African Americans, Martin Luther King.”

“Have you incarnated after that well-known incarnation of yours?


“Have you attained Divinity?”

“I live that glory in which I immersed myself by becoming the high priest of the Lutheran church.”

“Are you going to incarnate again?”

“Forget about this! I came here not with the purpose of teaching you how to distribute the consciousness in the Absolute but to support you in your struggle for the religious freedom!

“This is my path as well! In particular, I participated in creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“And far before this, I became the founder of the existing Lutheran church by laying down its main fundamental idea of personal — that is without intermediates! — responsibility of man before God. Such has to be the way of thinking of every Christian and every truly religious person.

“You have done well! You are going in the right direction!

“As for you, Vladimir, I guided you on this path of respecting the freedom even in your student years. Do you remember? In your past incarnation, you helped me with my struggle, and this time I helped you in your current incarnation.”

“Yes! I am very grateful to you!”

… There was another interesting case. Once in the forest we met Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin with a large group of his friends Decembrists. Nicholas Bestuzhev and Peter Chaadaev talked on behalf of them all:

“We are hugging you! We watch you constantly…

“We, Decembrists, value very much those who have cognized God. We did not manage to do this due to the reason obvious to you: because of the absence of the true religiosity in this country.

“Yes…, one needs outstanding heroism to destroy false stereotypes of thinking!

“All we bless you to continue this work! You have a long service ahead. But not in Russia…

“In Russia nothing has been realized of the ideas we fought for…”

“Where do you work now?”

“In central Europe, in its north: in Denmark, in the Netherlands, in Germany, in Sweden.

“After 20 years you will not recognize the Earth! People will begin to perceive the currents of new fresh knowledge!”

“Is any one of you incarnate at present?”

“We have another work: to help people from our non-incarnate state. All we have favorable destiny. And the Lord sent us to this work.”

“Has any one of you attained Divinity?”

“No, of course not! Now all we are completely busy with the work of service. No one of us has incarnated since that time. We perform righteous work under the guidance of the Creator and try to do it as well as possible!”

“How many of you work now together?”

“Approximately 200-250 persons.”

“Who guides your activity?”

“You look from a wrong standpoint! You have to look at it from the standpoint of the guidance of the Creator! Every one of us perceives directly the Creator!”

“What is your destiny? Will you manage to merge into the Creator without incarnating into physical bodies for this purpose?”

“No, it is not possible. First, a new layer of the destiny of every one of us has to be formed. Many years have to pass, twenty years at least, so that we may learn more, may see more. And then the old layer will be washed away for opening the new: the new program of further development. Some of us need 20 years, other 50 years of such service.

“We wish you success! We are with you!”

… We had another interesting talk with Pushkin on his favorite place in the forest. One of us asked him:

“Who of incarnate people do you help at present?”

“I help all who listen to me. There are very few such people in Russia and even less abroad.”

“Do you help those who visit your grave organizing special trips to it?”

“No, I do not accept such people. One must organize trips not to this place.”

He shows an image of the manor where he lived when he was embodied. There was a quiet backwater in this place.

“This is my manor. I visit it often, recall the dear years of my youth. Near this backwater I recall my female friends of those days; I retain their images in memory even now…

“… But now I want to tell about other ‘backwaters’ where stagnant water gets foul and becomes in summer a breeding ground for mosquitoes that bite everyone…

“… There are tender spring brooks running joyfully among stones and roots of trees. In the same way blooms in love a young soul…

“Yet the law of the universal nature is severe: everyone has to develop themselves! And if formerly running water comes to a slough of lost love, stagnation and coarsening of emotions — then it turns into stinking mud…

“But if it unites with a big river, which calmly and evenly, for years and centuries, carries its waters to the Ocean of the Highest Universal ‘I’, then the destiny of such a soul is to become this Ocean as did you, my most dear friends on the Earth!

“So let other souls infuse their currents and run together by the course paved by you to the Ocean of the Primordial Beingness! Amen.”

* * *

The existence of God is not fairy tales, not fantasies of foolish people.

God really is.

And He is cognizable to people who are well developed in the evolutionary respect and who have devoted their lives to cognition of Him.

Who is He and where is He? He — in the aspect of the Creator — abides in the most deep and subtle dimension of the multidimensional space. He is One though consists of the infinite number of all Those Who — during the eternity — attained the fullness of the Divine Perfection, entered this eon and merged there with Him — with the One Who is called the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator, God-the-Father, Jehovah (Yahweh), Ishvara, Allah, Tao, Svarog, Odin, etc — in different human languages.*

Communication with God usually happens through non-incarnate Divine Teachers, Who come out from the Abode of the Creator with a Part of Themselves; in the Christian tradition They are called, in the aggregate sense, the Holy Spirit. Less often people have an opportunity to communicate with incarnate Representatives of the Creator; They are called — in different languages — Messiahs, Avatars, Christs. They come to incarnate people in different Appearances: in male or female bodies and with a particular form of Their Service. Some of Them express the Truth in prose, Others — in verses, through singing or other directions of arts. In one of conversations with us, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin compared Divine Writers — with pens for writing by whom the Creator writes Holy letters to people, even “dipping” sometimes these pens “in the ink”. At that moment, Igor Talkov* added that the Creator incarnates Divine Singers in the world of matter in order to use Them as His microphones… And not necessarily They immediately begin to tell to people about the most important things; They wisely try to change gradually the direction of people’s thinking…

Divine incarnations are a rare phenomenon. On the other hand, there are many non-incarnate Divine Teachers Who provide help to people in any concrete region on the Earth. Aspiring to anyone of Them and learning from Them necessarily helps one to achieve the Victory or, at least, to advance on the path to it. We were lucky to learn from tens of Holy Spirits, and every One of Them gave us — apart from the general elements of the educational program that are common for all students of God — also Their own favorite methods of self-development. Communication with many of Them allowed us to form a more complete notion about the most important things in lives of incarnate people; we present this material in our books and films.

… We have cognized Him. And now we give the knowledge about Him — to you.

What was required from us to cognize God?

First of all — ethical purity, which includes relations not only with people but with the animal and vegetal worlds, and also — what is most important — with the Creator. But we are not going to dwell on this now, because we have discussed these subjects fully and in many aspects.

In addition to the ethical purity, we had to dedicate our lives monastically only to this goal — to cognition of God and service to Him.

And now we are happy to give this knowledge to you, our readers.

* * *

All people differ among themselves by the psychogenetic age (the age of the soul) and also by how successfully they evolved in their past. Therefore everyone needs different amount of time and effort for advancing — by the state of the soul — to God so that to become able of seeing, hearing, and really embracing Him with the arms consisting only of Love.

It is also very important that the speed of personal spiritual advancement depends much on the true understanding of the Goal and methods of work on oneself. This is why we made a lot of effort to describe in detail and illustrate the methodology of spiritual self-development and cognition of God, which was developed by us.

And we ask you to contribute — as far as possible — to saving this knowledge for the entire humanity and to most wide introduction of it, in particular, into the educational system.

* * *

What the teaching of religion should be?

At present it is reduced — at best — to studying honored ancient literary sources.* However, one has to understand that these works, even if they originated from God and have not suffered much from inadequate translation and intentional distortions introduced by the copyists — anyway they present the information in the form which was intended for the people of that particular epoch and culture.

Moreover, an inadequate interpretation of these “primary sources” by people with ill psychics or with criminal intentions caused and causes now many big and small crimes performed as if in the name of God and for His sake… Examples are the Holy Inquisition, the Crusades, modern Islamic fundamentalistic extremism, the activity of other sects.

Therefore it is appropriate to talk about the necessity of introducing most widely into the minds of all people the modern knowledge about God, about the meaning of our lives and its realization, about the methodology of spiritual development.

It is with these main theological problems that one has to start teaching religion. As for the historical literary monuments of all times and nations — let they be regarded as they deserve — as historical monuments (worthy of respect and studying, of course).

Do not regard my last words as an attempt to lower the words said in the past by Jesus Christ, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, and Others… No, I meant nothing like this! The point is that All They speak now as well! — addressing modern people in modern languages and taking into account modern conditions, needs, and tasks of the mankind. Let us heed to what They say!