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Video films

System requirements: 2.4GHz Pentium 4 or faster CPU (on slower systems, playing may be skipping).

You can download the films in any of two formats: Windows Media or MP4 (H.264 standard).  In the latter case, the download size is smaller, but you may need to install additional software that provides MP4 video support.

If you system does not recognize MP4 format, download and install K-Lite Codec Pack ("standard" or "full" version). Then you can open the films in Windows Media player or in Media Classic player, that comes with K-Lite Codec Pack. (QuickTime player, however, cannot play these films).

Before downloading full-size films, you can download short clip Morning Harmony to see if your system can play wmv or mp4 videos.

Ashtanga Yoga

HD video

Ashtanga yoga is a scheme of the ascent to spiritual heights, which was suggested in ancient times by Indian rishi Patanjali. The term ashtanga yoga can be translated as eight-step Path to the ultimate Goal.

This film-lecture describes in detail the steps of ashtanga yoga.

Duration: 60 min.

Download MP4 390Mb

Yoga of Buddhism (forest lecture)

HD video

The film describes the principles of true Buddhism established by its Founder — Gautama Buddha.

The second part of the film contains stories of several Buddhist Masters about how the cognized the Primordial Consciousness and achieved full success on this Path.


Part one: 50 min.

Part two: 85 min

Part one: Download video WMV 600Mb, Download MP4 180Mb

Part two: Download video WMV 1000Mb, Download MP4 500Mb

Kriya Yoga (forest lecture)

HD video

Kriya Yoga is a Path of purification of oneself to the Divine level of subtlety and purity. Its principles and methods were gifted to people by great Babaji through His disciples: Lahiri Mahasai, Yukteshvar, Yogananda.

From this film you can learn, in particular, the main practices of Kriya yoga.

Running time — 40 min.

Download video WMV 530Mb, Download MP4 190Mb

Bhakti Yoga (forest lecture)

HD video

The film discusses the Path of love-devotion to God, which is called Bhakti yoga in Sanskrit. Without such love one cannot cognize God and merge with Him.

The film also presents some practical methods of developing oneself in this direction.

Running time — 47 min.

Download video WMV 600Mb, Download MP4 260Mb

Art of Being Happy (forest lecture)

HD video

In order to live in joy and happiness — one needs to learn to attune to the beautiful, to have like-minded friends, and to gain good health. Also, the true happiness is not possible without including God in one’s outlook.

Running time: 42 min.

Download video WMV 730Mb, Download MP4 235Mb

Keys to the Secrets of Life. Achievement of Immortality
(forest lecture)

HD video

The film considers — in the form of lecture — the question of the meaning of human life. This meaning consists in conscious participation in the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness.

Running time: 38 min.

Download video WMV 580Mb, Download MP4 180Mb


Film for meditation and relaxation.

The film presents an opportunity to attune to the sattva of nature through immersing oneself meditatively into unity with it.

The word “sattva” denotes an aggregate of such qualities as harmony, purity, clarity of understanding, and subtlety.

On the spiritual Path, sattva is an intermediate step from ignorance, coarseness, and subjection to passions — to the knowledge of the Divine. By merging by our emotions and consciousness into Harmony and Beauty of the best phenomena in the Creation we can prepare ourselves to the ascent to higher levels of consciousness. The ultimate purpose of such efforts is attainment of Divinity, cognition of God, and Mergence with Him.

The film is full of beautiful landscapes and music. You will enjoy the singing of Sathya Sai Baba and the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam performed by Tatyana Gordeeva.

Running time — 55min.

Download video WMV 915Mb, Download MP4 485Mb

Sattva of Spring

This film will fill you with the state of spring. You will see the awakening of nature: first green leaves, blossoming flowers, displaying birds, the beauty of sunrises and sunsets,

The film describes also how to merge meditatively with all this beauty. 

Running time 80 min.

Download video WMV 1135Mb, Download MP4 730Mb

Sattva of Mists

Subtle beauty of morning seen in living nature helps one to get rid of heavy emotional states, to heal the body and soul, to approach cognition of the Source of all beautiful. The film presents beauty of morning mists and songs of birds, verses and explanation of the methodology of spiritual development.

Running time 75 min.

Download video WMV 1500Mb, Download MP4 650Mb

Spiritual Heart

Spiritual Heart is an educational video film about the meaning of our lives and its realization.

From this film you can learn:

— What is hesychia?

— What is the meaning of our lives?

— About the main strata of multidimensional space.

— What is hell and paradise?

— What does form our karma or destiny?

— Definition of the terms Creator, Absolute, Holy Spirit, Messiah.

— What is Atman or Higher Self?

— What are chakras?

— Where are they located?

— What are their functions?

— The main one of all chakras is anahata.

— About the Jesus prayer.

— Meditations for opening and developing the spiritual heart.

Running time 70 min.

Download video WMV 850Mb, Download MP4 570Mb

There is also German version (WMV 1230Mb).

For best meditative effect, view the film in full-screen mode (press Alt-Enter in Windows Media Player).